mp3: XINLISUPREME ‘murder license’ mp3: XINLISUPREME ‘zouave’s blue’ mp3: XINLISUPREME ‘new christ [ut mix]’ somewhere in here, the interplanetary psychadelic ramblings of the boredoms meet the bruised distortion of atari teenage riot, jamming all over a big bag of surf-tunes.


mp3: STACS OF STAMINA for crying out loud (that’s loud!) mp3: STACS OF STAMINA mistake, rewind, repeat (dDamage remix) not as much time to post this week; so rather than leave us all with nothing, i thought i’d drop two


my shameful love for camp eighties electro-pop and for german techno collided yesterday upon discovering ‘rentcode’ – in which swedish artist marit bergman takes the vocal melody from the pet shop boys‘ ‘rent’ and drops it over justus kohncke‘s fast-becoming-legendary


mp3: PIVOT ‘make me love you’ the problem with ‘best of’ lists is that inevitably someone gets missed out. a case in point is my ‘aussie top twenty’ lodged at the end of last year. there’s no mention of pivot


Next DJ date is on Sunday 19th February – on a 1928 vintage ferry in Sydney Harbour (!) as part of Harbour Lingua (Uber Lingua’s floating cousin). For more info, check out the Uber Lingua website.


mp3: k’naan ‘soobax’ hip hop poet k’naan has just landed in australia, promoting his album ‘the dusty foot philosopher’. the title refers in part to k’naan‘s upbringing in somalia, for the ‘philosophy’ look no further than the many tracts found


solo artist carrie (laura becerra) is signed to tijuana’s static discos – and she’s in good company, sharing a table with both fax and murcof, two of mexico’s most impressive electronic artists. they both lend a hand for carrie’s album


i’d like to meet disco d and just ask him about the whole k-fed deal. (k-fed being kevin feder-whatever, britney‘s now ex-husband – and disco d being the man who produced a baile funk track for him. the world is


mc dj dropped me a line last week. of all the bloggers in the blogosphere, s/he must be one of the most hardworking. s/he doesn’t just pick a track, write some shit and post an mp3 – s/he remixes the


down here in australia, we’re only just getting a local release of annie’s ‘anniemal’ album, despite it being nearly two years old. (being an aussie resident does have its downside). to puff it up, annie rolled into sydney last week


from ‘bounce le remix’: busta rhymes “light your ass on fire (ghislain poirier remix)” from ‘breakupdown’: cold as hell (feat. beans) ghislain poirer‘s 2005 album ‘breakupdown’ (chocolate industries) was an outstanding release. having previously collaborated with the likes of dj


jjuussttiiccee french duo justice are not exactly breaking news to avid music fans and critics, mainly due to a long series of remixes that began back in 2004 with their version of simian‘s ‘never be alone again’, and followed by


lambretta does it better formed in 1999, cobra killer are germany’s gina v. d’orio and annika trost. both originally signed to alec empire’s brutal electro label, digital hardcore recordings (in EC8OR and shizuo respecetively), the duo have previously released three

Fat Planet – Year Two Mixtape

To celebrate the second anniversary of the Fat Planet radio show on FBi 94.5FM, this mixtape – published in December 2005 – ripped together a number of downloads that featured on fatplanet.com.au during the preceding twelve months. From baile funk


as a regular subscriber to the boomkat newsletter (being one of the finest distributors of electronic / postrock / grime etc), i’m always intrigued to discover their ‘album of the week’ – due to the fact that invariably it’s from


han teki minut autioksi muukalaisen kotiel√ßm√ß√ß valo tihkuu kaiken lapi (click once for direct download) if you were to suddenly undergo a profound religious awakening, what would the soundtrack be? hard to tell until you’re in the moment, perhaps –


MAGNETOPHONE [U.K.] lost in edit magnetophone‘s ‘the man who ate the man’ slipped by me for a while, i only caught up with the cd many months after it was released. they’re a duo from birmingham in the uk, and


revenge of the broken bongo props to nova scotia blog radiofreepolygon for posting this recently, it’s certainly worthy of a repost here. jonas dunkel describes himself an ‘unsigned techno / house producer’, resident in gothenburg, sweden. aside from this dark,


SUNDAY 22nd I’ll be DJing at the BECKS FESTIVAL BAR as part of the SYDNEY FESTIVAL, supporting Sydney artists CODA & INGA LILJESTROM with fellow DJs Groovescooter. Tickets are $16+bf from sydneyfestival.org.au. Here’s some more info from the promoters: ǃ?Bring

baltimore club

let’s talk baltimore. rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, here’s what wikipedia says about ‘baltimore club’: “Baltimore Club, also called Baltimore Breaks, Baltimore house, and Dew Doo Beat, is a genre of House and Dance music. A blend of


JAHCOOZI [GERMANY] fish changing time (movie) another late contender for one of the most original releases of the year, also this week’s featured album on the fat planet radio show. jahcoozi first cropped up in my record bag on an