fat shorts 23.09.06

– south african born producer alan abrahams (aka portable) has a new album out under the guise of bodycode. moving away from the hushed microhouse of his previous incarnation to a more upfront, cool techno sound. stream the aptly named


thursday 28th sept is the kick off for the five day annual sound summit sessions in newcastle, nsw. it’s designed to bring together independent artists, labels and anyone “working and playing” in electronica and hip-hop, this year exploring the question:

OOIOO (Japan)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. mp3: OOIOO grow tree sound mp3: OOIOO live at empty bottle, chicago (part one) mp3: OOIOO live at empty bottle, chicago (part two) i couldn’t let this run of japanese fat planet posts go by without a


mp3: THE CONSIDERATE BUILDERS SCHEME riverton road mp3: UNIT.R it’s all about good to be back in south africa, an area too seldom visited when digging for audio gold. truth is, there’s a great deal there – it’s just not


i’ll be playing a set at earthdance this sunday (17th) – an all-day festival, linking with many other similar festivals across the world on the u.n.’s “world day of peace”. the festival kicks off at 8.30am and features australian artists

DJ C, Zulu & Jonny P (U.S. / Jamaica)

mp3: DJ C & JONNY P seaga face and pj body (yousendit) mp3: DJ C & ZULU ransom the senator (myspace download) also available for download at murdochspace/death$ucker mp3: DJ C crazy baldheads (mashit version) mp3: ZULU VS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE


i can’t remember at which point online games became such an integral part of an artist’s music release schedule, but everyone seems to be at it. only yesterday i had the misfortune to ruin three minutes of my life on


mp3: AMSTERDAM KLEZMER BAND ispjenzola (la boutique fantastique remix) there are so many contemporary remix albums of what might be broadly termed as ‘traditional world music’, that those remixes have ultimately developed into a sub-genre of their own. for every

Fat Planet – Peter Bjorn & John (Sweden) Interview

A Fat Planet interview with Peter from Peter, Bjorn and John, originally broadcast on FBi on 3rd September 2006. Peter talks about his upbringing in northern Sweden, digging the mid-90s music scene, the accident that became the ‘Young Folks’ whistle


mp3: TOLCHA blckrcrd (feat. maxx & noelle poeller) (yousendit) also available to download at murdochspace/tolchas after loving a preview mp3 on the excellent ready rock moe rex a couple of months back, and then promptly forgetting all about it –


mp3: BONDE DAS IMPOSTRA funk do batao (yousendit) back in june, bonde das impostra dropped a track that’s now firmly wedged into my brain – ‘fotologger’, a funk carioca track blending ‘toxic’ by darling britney. it’s exactly the kind of

Fat Planet – OMFO (Russia) Interview

A Fat Planet interview with Russian producer German Popov, aka OMFO (Our Man From Odessa), originally broadcast on FBI on 27th August 2006. German talks about his new album ‘We Are The Shepherds’ (due on Essay Recordings later this year),


mp3: CLARK & BROADCAST herr bar (reinterpretation / improvisation) last time we heard from chris clark (now simply ‘clark‘) was the 2003 warp album ’empty the bones of you’ – a dirty, angular electronic record, beautifully fucked up and a


mp3: CHEB i SABBAH toura toura (the medina remix) Take any ‘world music’ album that purports to blend ‘the traditional and the modern’, and you invariably have a collection of Pro-Tools sessions, mixed from disparate sample sources. Chances are the

Fat Planet – Cansei De Ser Sexy (Brazil) Interview

Sao Paulo’s Cansei De Ser Sexy (aka CSS) have had a flogging on various blogs over the last few months, but I make no apologies for throwing my own two cents into the ring. Truth is, I’m in love with this band

Cuizinier (France)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: CUIZINIER J’aime Bouger Ca DOWNLOAD: CUIZINIER Oh of all the misshapen genres in the ether, ‘eurocrunk’ never fails to raise a smile. as with the much-maligned ‘trip hop’ tag, it’s a media-construct; designed to


mp3: BIKRAM SINGH feat GUNJAN kawan (drum’n’bass remix) india loves its drum and bass, that’s for sure – from karsh kale, to nascha’s drum and breaks series, to old school uk-asian practitioners like asian dub foundation, the indian d’n’b fusion

Fat Planet – 2/5 BZ (Turkey)

Originally posted on Fat Planet. DOWNLOAD: 2/5 BZ okuz istanbul (peel session II) some time ago a small envelope arrived in the post; inside were three homespun cd-rs from turkey from the artist 2/5 bz. at first it was difficult to know


mp3: let’s make love and listen to death from above (album version) mp3: let’s make love and listen to death from above (spank rock remix) mp3: this month day ten mov: meeting paris hilton (live) mov: metal (random headbanging movie…)

fat shorts 08.07.06

– dj ayres drops a baltimore remix of bjork‘s ‘hyperballad’ over at it’s the rub – this month’s podcast from ghostly features an exclusive mix of tracks from the new bodycode album, aka alan abrahams, aka south africa’s (now portugal-based)

fat shorts 01.07.06

– rbally.net has a jose gonzales live set from KCRW on June 15th, includes ‘hand on my heart’ and ‘heartbeats’. – hear spank rock interviewed on fbi, plus some new beats from ronnie darko – new bonde do role mixes