Out From Under is a weekly hour-long radio program of eclectic and experimental Australian music, weaving documentary stories and interviews with new music specials and live performances.

Out From Under airs on Sundays at 6pm AEST on UK station Resonance Extra, streaming online at extra.resonance.fm – a 24/7 broadcast platform from Resonance FM (home to Little Atoms and The Wire’s Adventures In Music & Sound).

Season 2 (2019).

#28 New Music: Emily Glass, Furchick, Makeda +
#27 Interview: Michael Kucyk, Efficient Space
#26 Interview: Fia Fiell

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Season 1 (2016).

#25 New Music: My Disco, Garry Bradbury, John Chantler +
#24 Interview: Scattered Order (Part II)
#23 Interview: Scattered Order (Part I)
#22 Interview: Rand & Holland
#21 New Music: Fia Fiell, Ju Ca, Wives, Bright Sea +
#20 Interview: Andy Rantzen & Jochen Gutsch (Hinterlandt)
#19 New Music: Scraps, Lortica, Half High, M.O.B. +
#18 Interview: Martyn Palmer (Broken Chip, Hidden)
#17 Archival: The 1970s (Part II)
#16 Archival: The 1970s (Part I)
#15 New Music: Tangents, Reuben Ingall, Lisa Lerkenfeldt +
#14 Interview: Host
#13 Interview: Marcus Whale
#12 Interview: Brainbeau
#11 Interview: Jannah Quill
#10 New Music: Carla dal Forno, Collector, Purple Pilgrims +
#9 Interview: Andrew Tuttle
#8 Interview: Lawrence English
#7 New Music: Waterhouse, Marcus Whale, Pillow Pro +
#6 Interview: 3BS Records
#5 Interview: Via Tania, Ghostgirl
#4 Interview: Sounds Are Sounds, Nadir
#3 New Music: Various Asses, HVISKE, Ela Stiles +
#2 Interview: The Necks
#1 Interview: Gail Priest, Astrid Zeman, Daniel Whiting, Happy Axe