Out From Under #36 – Archival: The 1980s (Part II)

This episode of Out From Under is the second of a two part journey travelling back to 1980s Australia, surveying some of the most interesting experimental and underground music being made during the decade.

We’ll hear from key players in the proto-electronic and post-punk scene such as Scattered Order, Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast, Systematics, Prod and more; plus experimental music from Toy Division, The Horse He’s Sick, Splendid Mess and composer Helen Ripley-Marshall, and from one of Andy Rantzen’s early projects, Pelican Daughters.

Originally broadcast on Resonance Extra, 30th June 2019.

Out From Under is a weekly radio program and podcast, diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down. New episodes air every Sunday 6pm AEST on Resonance Extra.  extra.resonance.fm

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  • The Dead Travel Fast – Dead Travel Fast (from Growing Pains, 1980)
  • Scattered Order – Frank Sartre (from Prat Culture Plus, 1982)
  • A Cloakroom Assembly – Tom Salted (from Tom Tom Tom, 1981)
  • A Cloakroom Assembly – The Swing Box (from Trace And Rumble, 1982)
  • Systematics – Mmmm (from Rural, 1980)
  • Splendid Mess – The Livers At The Bottom Of The Well Part One (from Boxed Brownies, 1981)
  • Patrick Gibson – Bland A (from Too Separate, 1981)
  • Prod – Fish Hook (from More Songs That Will Never Be Released, 1980)
  • Toy Division – Melbourne Winter (from Cute, 1983)
  • Pelican Daughters – The Haywain (from Fishbones And Wishbones, 1988)
  • The Horse He’s Sick – Larynx (from Chloroform, 1985)
  • Helen Ripley-Marshall – Green Chaos (from Green Chaos, 1988)
  • John Heussenstamm – Sawan (from Nameless Wanderer, 1988)