Out From Under #34 – Cooper Bowman (Altered States Tapes)


On this week’s Out From Under, I’m talking with Cooper Bowman – musician and artist, and founder of the Australian cassette label Altered States Tapes. 

The tape label, which recently celebrated its 100th release, features music that sits across punk, industrial, experimental, electronic and noise, with a roster that spans both Australian and international artists.

Cooper talks about making music and making tapes, and pulls out a selection of tracks from the label’s past, present and future – including a number of unreleased exclusives from LST, Sleep D, Yuta Matsumura (Orion), Orinokoflo and Newcastle’s Grotesque Circular Dance, as well as a number of Cooper’s solo projects.

Originally broadcast on Resonance Extra, 16th June 2019.

Out From Under is a weekly radio program and podcast, diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down. New episodes air every Sunday 6pm AEST on Resonance Extra.  extra.resonance.fm

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  • LST – Lizards Strike Thrice (AST101: Pedestal Arts Estate, forthcoming 2019 Altered States Tapes)
  • Sleep D – ONO (live jam) (AST101: Pedestal Arts Estate, forthcoming 2019 Altered States Tapes)
  • Yuta Matsumura – General Jumbo (forthcoming 2019 Altered States Tapes)
  • Tarquin Manek & Ying-Li Hooi – The Smoke In Your Eyes (From The Bottom Of The Earth To The Top Of The Wazir, 2019 Altered States Tapes)
  • Orinokoflo – Whistled Like A Rat (AST101: Pedestal Arts Estate, forthcoming 2019 Altered States Tapes)
  • Grotesque Circular Dance – (The Gospal According To) Des Heart (Incompetence, forthcoming  2019 Altered States Tapes)
  • Cooper Bowman – The Vapid Trap (Seabreeze Salute cassette, forthcoming 2019 Not Not Fun)
  • Kneeling Knave – Derange Or Damage (Skin Presence cassette + 7″, forthcoming 2019 Chondritic Sound)
  • Tsap – Fuming Liquor (pre-master) (Deceptions of Mechanised Worship, forthcoming 2019 Total Black)
  • Troth – Dreck (In Solemn Dub) (unreleased)

More:  alteredstatesofsound.blogspot.com