Out From Under #31 – New Music: Alexandra Spence, J Campbell, Allume

It’s 100% new Australian experimental and exploratory music on this week’s Out From Under. We’ll be listening to: new sound works from both musician and composer Rosalind Hall and Sydney’s Alexandra Spence;  the Melbourne duo of Tarquin Manek & Ying-Li Hooi on a celebratory compilation from Altered State Tapes; minimal electronics meets exquisite vocals in new work from Allume and Eitanr; plus new music from Logic 1000, Automating, J Campbell and the deliciously named Little Songs Of The Mutilated.

Originally broadcast on Resonance Extra, 12th May 2019.

Out From Under is a weekly radio program and podcast, diving deep beneath the surface of the Australian music scene, celebrating experimental and eclectic music from the upside down. New episodes air every Sunday 6pm AEST on Resonance Extra.  extra.resonance.fm

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All music by Tangents.

  • LOGIC1000 – The River Is Tight (from ‘Logic1000 – EP’)
  • Tarquin Manek & Ying-Li Hooi – The Smoke In Your Eyes (from ‘From The Bottom Of The Earth To The Top Of The Wazir’)
  • J. Campbell – Traces Of Evening Cologne (from ‘Heirloom’)
  • Allume – The Sound of Rain Starting (from ‘Valentine’)
  • eitanr – The Meridian (from ‘Mother Tongue’)
  • Rosalind Hall – Drift (from ‘Drift’)
  • Alexandra Spence – bodies in place / bodyscan (from ‘Waking, She Heard The Fluttering’)
  • Automating – Third Eye (Electric Sounds hardcore jungle remix) (from ‘Lost & Profound’)
  • Little Songs Of The Mutilated – Without hesitation, a bad imitation of self immolation, I always choose harmonic minor bullshit illusion (from ‘Down the pink waterslide we go, saltily exhaling fluffy little songs of the mutilated’)