Ourself Beside Me | Medicine Girl


By way of a sequel to the recent White post, Ourself Beside Me are the second of the two tangents that emerged following the split of Beijing’s Hang On The Box. Whilst Shenggy drifted off to join White with Carsick Cars‘ Shou Wang, Box founder Yang Fang connected with two new collaborators, bassist and film student Xie Han and Japanese drummer, Emi Namihara.

Plundering Pink Floyd’s back catalogue (whilst aimlessly fingering CDs from Siouxsie, Can and Talking Heads on the side), Ourself Behind Me are barely over a year in the making, but were swift to drop their self-titled debut, produced by PK14’s Yang Haisong and released in January this year on the Maybe Mars label. By no means delivering a genre-bending incursion into new territory, Ourself Beside Me nonetheless construct a compelling extension to a road previously mapped by a number of significant others, and lend further weight to the notion that the Beijing water is currently laced with something deliriously special.

Ourself Beside Me – Medicine Girl | mp3

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