NWA Podcast #26. Dale Gorfinkel, Profile

From 2009-2012, the New Weird Australia Podcast featured selected interviews and in-studio recordings from my FBi radio show, as well as live performances from events, video interviews and more.

Episode 26 was filed by contributors Matthew O’Shannessy and Michael Prior from Tape Projects, who talk to Melbourne-based improvisor, installation artist and instrument builder, DALE GORFINKEL.

Dale has previously curated the Now Now Festival in Sydney, and currently coordinates the Out Hear Festival, a Melbourne festival focused on outdoor performances and soundwalks. In this report, we hear about Dale’s study of ping pong balls, kinetics and the problem of invisible speakers. We also hear a live performance by Dale for prepared vibraphone recorded at Bouverie Studios in Melbourne.

Originally broadcast on 22nd March 2012.

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