New Year, New Music, New Heads

We’re entering 2014 with a pack of new releases – an audacious debut from Perth’s Mudlark, a four-track EP from the newly revitalised Pollen Trio, seven moments of magic from the international collab duo Piotr-Heslin, plus the second Wood And Wire release from Melbourne’s The Vainglories.

Our schedule for the coming months is filling up beautifully with EPs and albums in the works from Sydney electronic collective Filthy Children, former Morning Stalker Morgan McKellar in his Gatherer guise, Rites Wild’s Stacey Wilson as Regional CurseMotion + Kynan Tan in a new collaboration, and the debut release from Brisbane duo Black Pines, featuring Benjamin Thompson (Rational Academy) and Ian Rogers (No Anchor).  We’re also sketching plans, lightly in fine pencil, for a live label showcase sometime in 2014.

Off-web, you can also stay in touch with all Wood And Wire happenings via our YouTube and Soundcloud channels, or chance your luck on Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to ‘Troy Buswell Sniffing Seats’ by MUDLARK in the player below:

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