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New Weird Australia Volume One, July 2009

Geography dictates that, to some, Australia may forever remain as the Romans once saw it, as the “unknown land of the south”. However as technology conquers territory, distance becomes increasingly insignificant – a fact that is clearly illustrated on this first instalment of New Weird Australia. In borrowing (and expanding) ‘new, weird’ terminology, we hope to shrink the notion of distance between innovative Australian artists and their international compatriots; between the dot points on the vast map of our own land and between definitions of genre, taste or style.

For Volume One, we find ourselves narrowing the gap of the 4,000km range from the precision edit and bluegrass glitch of Brisbane’s Anonymeye, to the free-jazz of Yugoslavian ex-pat and Perth resident, Predrag Delibasich. We simultaneously compress time – moving from Pimmon (a renowned experimentalist with a significant international back catalogue) through to Kyu, a nascent duo freshly ripped from the Sydney soil. We additionally garner exclusive tracks from Telafonica, Tom Smith (of Cleptoclectics), Raven and Inquiet, and recent releases from Clingtone, Lessons In Time, Battlesnake, Loom and the inappropriately named Brutal Hate Mosh.

Neither popular nor alternative, neither one genre nor another, New Weird Australia represents a new breed of Australian musicians that find refuge in the space between us. We hope you enjoy this selection and seek out the full library of work that these artists have to offer.
Stuart Buchanan, July 2009.


1. CLINGTONE The Intruders (1:23) From ‘Mary Had A Little Lamp’
2. ANONYMEYE If At First You Don’t Secede… (5:31) From ‘The Disambiguation Of Anonymeye’
3. LESSONS IN TIME Those Plastic Street Signs Are Not To Be Followed (2:02) From ‘Lessons In Time’
4. TELAFONICA Time And Distance (6:32) Previously unreleased
5. PIMMON On The Other Hand This Carbon Fire Is (Flammable) (4:36) Previously unreleased
6. KYU Sunny In Splodges (5:19) Previously unreleased
7. BATTLESNAKE Shadow Of The World’s Tallest Midget (5:22) From ‘Umlaut’
8. TOM SMITH Settled For Less (3:09) Previously unreleased
9. RAVEN Presumption #1 (3:10) Previously unreleased
10. LOOM Snail Shell (8:06) From ‘All You Need Is Teeth’
11. INQUIET Honey & Seeds (3:28) Previously unreleased
12. PREDRAG DELIBASICH Heartburn (13:37) Previously unreleased
13. BRUTAL HATE MOSH Roads (1:43) From ‘It’s Pronounced Kate Moss’

Compiled by Stuart Buchanan
Artwork by Adrian Elmer

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All music donated by the artists for use in this compilation only, all rights reserved.

Thanks to all the artists for the leap of faith in donating their tracks for the first volume in this initiative. Special thanks to Danny Jumpertz and to Adrian and Blake for their early support.

New Weird Australia is a not-for-profit initiative established to promote eclectic and experimental Australian music. Free compilations are available to download every two months from www.newweirdaustralia.com. Contributions from Australian musicians and artists are welcomed and encouraged – submission details and terms can be found on the About page.

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