New Weird Australia Radio (2009 – 2012)

A long-running radio show on Sydney’s FBi Radio, broadcasting a regular diet of experimental, eclectic and innovative music from around the country. Part of the New Weird Australia initiative.

In 2009, I founded New Weird Australia – an initiative designed to promote and support new eclectic and experimental Australian music through a variety of unique projects.  Neither one genre nor another, New Weird Australia put the spotlight on a new breed of innovative Australian artists and challenged the collective understanding of what music should be.

New Weird Australia established a number of projects over five years, one of which was a long-running radio show on Sydney’s FBi Radio, broadcasting a regular diet of experimental, eclectic and innovative music from around the country. In 2010, the show won the National Community Broadcasting Award for ‘Excellence In Music Programming‘.

Many of the live performances staged in the studio are available in a free, four-volume ‘Broadcast‘ compilation series – stream or download at New Weird Australia Bandcamp. Several interviews and live performances are also archived in the accompanying podcast series – links below.


#1. Jeff Burch (Interview)
#2. Scattered Order (Interview)
#3. Scissor Lock (Live Performance & Interview)
#4. Severed Heads (Interview)
#5. Crab Smasher (Live Performance & Interview)
#6. Chris Abrahams, The Necks (Interview)
#7. Kate Carr (Live Performance & Interview)
#8. Clan Analogue (Live Performance & Interview)
#9. Collarbones (Live Performance & Interview)
#10. Danger Beach (Live Performance & Interview)
#11. Paneye (Live Performance & Interview)
#12. Pimmon (Interview)
#13. Spartak (Interview)
#14. Axxonn (Interview)
#15. Breathing Shrine (Live Performance & Interview)
#16. Severed Heads (Live Performance & Interview)
#17. Brain Drain (Live Performance & Interview)
#18. Secret Birds (Live Performance & Interview)
#19. Pollen Trio (Live Performance & Interview)
#20. Yolke (Live Performance & Interview)
#21. Thomas William vs Scissor Lock (Live Performance & Interview)
#22. Ten Thousand Free Men And Their Families & Abortifacient (Live Performances & Interview)
#23. Ian Rogers, No Anchor / Ambrose Chapel (Interview)
#24. Haunts (Live Performance & Interview)
#25. Emily Grantham (Live Performance & Interview)
#26. Dale Gorfinkel (Interview)
#27. Nadir (Live Performance & Interview)
#28. Gold Model (Live Performance & Interview)
#29. Wood & Wire Label Feature
#30. Perth Special – inc. Kynan Tan (Interview)
#31. New Music Special

Image: Artist Anna Chase performing live in the studio, May 2010.

Further Listening.

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