In 2009, I founded New Weird Australia – an initiative designed to promote and support new eclectic and experimental Australian music through a variety of unique projects.  Neither one genre nor another, New Weird Australia put the spotlight on a new breed of innovative Australian artists and challenges our understanding of what music should be. New Weird Australia is concluding its mission after five years in operation – here’s the statement published on New Weird Australia web site:

New Weird Australia is concluding its mission after five years in operation, and will mark the moment with a three-volume set titled ‘Passages’.

Each volume is curated by one of New Weird Australia’s three directors – Stuart Buchanan, Andrew Tuttle and Innez Tulloch – and features 51 tracks from the project archive, including music from Holy Balm, Guerre, Kučka, No Zu, Kirin J Callinan, Oscar Key Sung, Matthew Brown, Chrome Dome, Mere Women and many more, with design by New Weird Australia art director, Heath Killen.

Since its inception in 2009, New Weird Australia has established a number of projects in support of Australian experimental music, clocking up over 400,000 downloads in five years, distributed through its own online channels and via its long-standing association with WFMU’s Free Music Archive. New Weird Australia projects included its 23-volume compilation series, the acclaimed netlabel Wood & Wire, the ‘New Editions’ series of individual artist releases, a long-running radio show on Sydney’s FBi and a nationwide series of live shows.

New Weird Australia founder Stuart Buchanan notes: “When we launched five years ago, Australian experimental music was often frustratingly hard to uncover. We saw an opportunity to connect audiences into work that was beyond the fringes, and offer artists opportunities to widen their community. Although that mission could well be endless, online networks now afford artists easier access to fans and supporters, in ways we could not have imagined five years ago. This therefore feels like a good moment to conclude, to reflect on the collective achievements of all the artists involved, and to showcase some of the work that has made the project so compelling.”

Passages: Volume One | Volume Two | Volume Three

In addition to the ‘Passages’ compilation trilogy, New Weird Australia’s netlabel, Wood & Wire, will release its final album featuring exclusive soundtracks recorded for FBi’s ‘Ears Have Ears’ experimental music program, with extended material from Fatti Frances, Rites Wild, Hollow Press and Cycle~ 440. Download from woodandwire.com.au.

The full New Weird Australia project archive will remain online indefinitely, acting as a record of a unique and vibrant period in the outer limits of Australian music.

New Weird Australia, Passages, Volume One (NWA017A)
Curated by Stuart Buchanan

1. Jonny Telafone – Stardate 2012.1221 (NWA006) 03:34
2. Holy Balm – Hand Over Fire (NWA010) 04:58
3. Peace Out! – Running on Sand (NWA005) 04:28
4. Desfontane – Cannibal Cod (NWA008) 03:56
5. Paneye – Staircases Under The Sea (NWA006) 03:15
6. Guerre – Travellers Home Blues (NWA008) 02:22
7. Kučka – Chinatown (NWA010) 04:26
8. Thomas William vs Scissor Lock – Cadillic (NWAED09) 05:12
9. Bum Creek – Fast Forrest (NWA003) 05:14
10. NO ZU – Horoscope (NWAED05) 06:59
11. FM Raster – Pattern 1 (NWA012) 03:41
12. Kirin J Callinan – She (NWA Live Session) (NWAB003) 5:09
13. Kris Keogh – With Our Own Atmosphere (NWAED06) 00:45
14. Maddest Kings Alive – Measels (NWA002) 04:06
15. Ghost_ – Seqe (feat. Black Pyramid) (NWA Live Session) (NWAB002) 06:30
16. Horse Macgyver – Spit Shine (NWA005) 01:59
17. Bassling – Having a Barney (NWA015) 02:44
18. Major Napier – School Of Anxiety #2 (NWA010) 03:31
19. Oscar Key Sung – It’s Gone (NWA Live Session) (NWAB004) 03:36

New Weird Australia, Passages, Volume Two (NWA017B)
Curated by Andrew Tuttle

1. Jeff Burch – Untitled 1 (The Western Hour) (NWA003) 03:44
2. 48/4 – Hlibt (NWA003) 03:38
3. WORNG – Hipster Pride (NWA013) 05:43
4. Rites Wild – Rites Wild Theme (NWA008) 04:05
5. Pimmon – On The Other Hand This Carbon Fire Is (Flammable) (NWA00)1 04:36
6. Pompey – Actual Locks (NWA003) 03:19
7. Clingtone – The Intruders (NWA001) 01:23
8. Kharkov – Crustacean (NWA002) 03:11
9. Matthew Brown – Kanaplila (NWA013) 08:55
10. Mark Barrage – Rubicon Drive (NWA008) 02:30
11. Andrew Sinclair – Ritual Beat / Stolen Drums (NWA008) 05:23
12. Yolke – Perfect Burn (NWA013) 02:41
13. Craig McElhinney – I Wish You Had Believed Me (NWA012) 03:21
14. Julian Day – Terminal (NWA014) 09:19
15. Reuben Ingall – Webbed (NWA007) 04:57
16. Seaworthy – Field Guide To Forest Birds(NWA Live Session) (NWAB004) 05:40
17. Gail Priest – Etchings (NWA005) 03:21

New Weird Australia, Passages, Volume Three (NWA017C)
Curated by Innez Tulloch

1. Gold Tango – Telescope (NWA004) 03:26
2. Anonymeye – If At First You Don’t Secede (NWA001) 05:31
3. Secret Birds – Pink Nites (NWAUM003) 08:35
4. Vorad Fils – Temple Leak (NWA005) 02:42
5. K Mason – Of 2 Evils (NWA003) 07:15
6. Cuckoos – Unbe (NWA014) 03:51
7. Splendid Friends – Holy Shears (NWA002) 01:42
8. Crab Smasher – Skin Destruction (NWA005) 03:58
9. Chrome Dome – She Said (NWA006) 01:11
10. Solar Barge – Semektet (NWA012) 03:44
11. A Demon Sheen – The Mask of Ultimate Embarrassment and Shame (NWA014) 08:12
12. Dot.AY – You Knight (NWA005) 05:24
13. Ambrose Chapel – Undead (NWA009) 07:36
14. Soft Power – Pacific Problem (NWA016) 05:57
15. Eleventeen Eston – It’s All Again (Reprise) (NWA012) 02:44
16. Generations – Time to Die (NWA015) 03:11
17. Isle Adore – Keep A Lid On (NWA006) 04:54
18. Camryn Rothenbury – Racing Across the Void (NWA008) 03:30
19. Mere Women – Sun Rising (Live at Unpopular Music 2010) (NWAUM002) 03:31

PassagesVolume One | Volume Two | Volume Three