New Weird Australia, New Editions Sampled

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Sleeve Notes:

In August 2010, New Weird Australia launched its first label – titled ‘New Editions’ – an imprint focusing on single artist releases.

Unlike the download-only compilations, New Editions releases were  available in two formats: a high-quality digital release (priced as a ‘pay what you like’ model) and in a run of limited-edition CDs available from artist shows & NWA events.  Over an 18 month period, New Editions released albums and EPs from CAUGHT SHIP (Melbourne), BLAKE FREELE (Sydney), PANEYE (Sydney), TANTRUMS  (Melbourne), NO ZU  (Melbourne), KRIS KEOGH (Darwin), FORENZICS (Sydney), SPARTAK (Canberra), THOMAS WILLIAM VS SCISSOR LOCK  (Sydney) and STRANGE FORCES (Brisbane).

This compilation celebrates the conclusion of the New Editions project, combining a track from each release with unreleased and rare material from many of the artists involved.


1. CAUGHT SHIP Before Now I Was Convinced (from ‘Start Dencing Dad Start Dencing‘) 06:17
2. BLAKE FREELE Bitter Some (from ‘Pins‘) 08:41
3. PANEYE She Swallowed My Days (from ‘Lost In A Dark Aquarium‘) 02:03
4. TANTRUMS Anomie (Collarbones Remix, from ‘Anomie‘) 02:25
5. NO ZU Acropolis (from ‘New Age EP‘) 05:04
6. KRIS KEOGH As Meteor Showers Melted Your Heart (from ‘Processed Harp Works Volume One‘) 02:16
7. FORENZICS Dub Scab (from ‘Build Ruins‘) 05:06
8. SPARTAK Rail Star Mode (from ‘Nippon‘) 05:47
9. THOMAS WILLIAM VS SCISSOR LOCK Cadillic (from ‘Jewelz‘) 05:12
10. STRANGE FORCES Hungry Ghost Nation (from ‘Strange Forces‘) 07:15

Bonus Tracks:
11. CAUGHT SHIP Headphones (previously unreleased) 06:10
12. BLAKE FREELE Cheyne Stoking (previously unreleased) 09:20
13. PANEYE The Gummi Bears of Failure (previously unreleased) 02:09
14. NO ZU Tattooed Head (from ‘Tattooed Head’ single) 07:41
15. KRIS KEOGH As We Held Our Hidden Hopes Up To the Stars (from ‘Wormwoodstock 2012′) 04:06
16. FORENZICS Another Newer Nature (previously unreleased) 13:04

Compiled by Stuart Buchanan.
Artwork by Heath Killen.
Released under a Creative Commons licence (Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives)


“New Weird Australia brings a sampling of material previously released on their New Editions imprint along with some rare/unreleased material from artists in their camp. It’s a varied and wonderful listen of sounds covering a wide range of ideas, styles, and moods. Sonic experimentation at it’s finest, both in creation and in experiencing.”
Magicore, May 2012

“This is the music you won’t find on iTunes – New Weird Australia float our boat. They’re a bunch of menaces who love going to the end of music. New Weird Australia have a compilation they’ve curated called New Editions, its a bunch of rare and unreleased material from many of the musos and artists who turn them on.”
Something Else, May 2012

Catalogue. NWA011