New Weird Australia, Broadcast Four

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Sleeve Notes:

From 2009-2012, New Weird Australia broadcast a weekly show on Sydney’s FBi Radio – playing two hours of new, experimental and ecelctic Australian music. As well as covering off the best of the week’s new releases, the show also featured regular guest performances, playing exclusive in-studio sessions.

This free compilation is a selection of exclusive in-studio recordings in the final months of the show, which wound up in August 2012. It includes new material from Abortifacient, Cycle 400, Emily Grantham, Gold Model, Haunts, Kevin Purdy, Nadir, Oscar key Sung, Pollen Trio, Seaworthy, Secret Birds, Shisd, The Sydney Radio Orchestra, Thomas William vs Scissor Lock, Whale + Cheng and Yolke.


1. EMILY GRANTHAM – Soseeji (5:04)
2. POLLEN TRIO – Pollen Duo (6:23)
3. SECRET BIRDS – Laser Archipelago (9:28)
4. YOLKE – Free Sounds (4:06)
5. SEAWORTHY – Field Guide To Forest Birds (5:41)
6. HAUNTS – Felled (4:43)
7. WHALE + CHENG – Big Girl’s Don’t Cry [Fergie Cover] (7:35)
8. ABORTIFACIENT – Ripper (3:41)
9. GOLD MODEL – Beyond Belief (3:30)
10. SHISD – Charcoal 26th May (3:02)
11. THOMAS WILLIAM VS SCISSOR LOCK – Cadillic – Live Take (13:57)
12. CYCLE 440 – Variations On Shifting Planes V (excerpt) (7:42)
13. KEVIN PURDY – First Light Through Mist (7:46)
14. NADIR – The Hose Has Come Loose (7:03)
15. THE SYDNEY RADIO ORCHESTRA – Untitled (Detuned Radios) (2:20)
16. OSCAR KEY SUNG – It’s Gone (3:37)

All recordings previously unreleased. Originally performed & broadcast live on the New Weird Australia show on FBi Radio in 2011 and 2012. Listen to archive interviews and performances in our Podcast section.

Compiled by Stuart Buchanan.
Artwork by Dan Vaughan & Chris Martin,

Catalogue. NWAB004


“Though I’m sure the crew will be taking many heartfelt memories away with them and “friendships for a lifetime”, etc, the occasion of the two hour psych-show’s winding down was publicly marked last week with the issuance of Broadcast Four, an eccentric and thoughtful compilation carved from a selection of exclusive in-studio recordings from the final months of the show”
Decoder Magazine, January 2012

“a stellar set of live recordings”
Bandcamp Hunter, January 2012

“a very nice way to kick off 2013″
Life Is Noise, January 2012