New Weird Australia – Axxonn National Tour

In January & February 2011, former Brisbane-based artist AXXONN (Tom Hall) gathered up his keyboards and subsonic fuzz for a trip around the country to support his album ‘Let’s Get It Straight’. The tour was presented by NEW WEIRD AUSTRALIA, and as director of the project, I acted (somewhat sporadically) as the tour manager. The tour marked New Weird Australia’s inaugural national Australian excursion after a string of Sydney events and nearly two years of compilation and artists releases through the label.

We called upon a diverse and eclectic range of acts to feature alongside AXXONN, including BREATHING SHRINE, MYSTIC EYES, SCATTERED ORDER, KASHA, AMBROSE CHAPEL, NO ZU, DOT.AY, ERASERS, CONSTANT LIGHT, OCEANS, CRAIG MCELHINNEY, SPHERES, DIE ON PLANES, GILBERT FAWN, DUO, PEON and BORGIA. This video (shot and edited by Tom, using a remote camera) features a 15-minute Axxonn set, culled from a range of performances across the tour.