NEW MUSIC. Oneohtrix Point Never ‘Age Of…’

As a long-time fan of Oneohtrix Point Never, I was disheartened that his last album Garden Of Delete was so difficult to love. It was a bloody-minded record, daring us to enjoy a dense, arhythmical odyssey, all the while knowing that it was essentially impenetrable. Thankfully, the follow-up is almost a complete U-turn, rippling with beautiful broken vocoder pop, lush electronics and a starring role for the harpsichord. It’s as bold as it is unorthodox, a breath-taking revision of electronic music and modern composition. It proves that true originality and innovation need not repel, but can instead deliver a warm embrace, and reassure us that this Age Of… whatever is going to work out just fine.

Taken from Double J’s ‘20 best albums of 2018 so far’. You’ll find all the other love letters from the JJ fam at the Double J website.