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coming late to the table is always disappointing, especially with an artist of such a high calibre as mutamassik. i found a split cd at the weekend – two dj sets, one by dj rupture (from spain) and the other from mutamassik. both are of exceptional high quality and were created to celebrate each artists’ individual performances with the bidouin crew in dubai (more information on this release here). mutamassik is of egyptian descent and lives in brooklyn – from that description, and the fact that the split cd is released through kid 606‘s tigerbeat6 offshoot, violent turd, you can get a fair idea of what to expect from her work: mixing rai and other middle eastern sounds with gloriously fucked-up beats and hard glitches. if the traditionalism of world music leaves you cold, then this will reinvigorate your belief in sounds from outside of your back yard. the above mp3 is one of the few mutamassik projects i can find to freely download – you’ll need to subscribe to this norwegian band’s mailing list to get i though, but i think it’s worth the effort.

dream girl mp3
yeah, so the blog subtitle is NEW international music, but you’ve got give yourself a break now and again… especially when the talent is as good a calibre as former cibo matto member, miho hatori. it’s insanely difficult to get any back catalogue cibo releases in australia, and even miho’s last album ‘smokey and miho’ is proving impossible to track down. time to bite the bullet and order from overseas methinks… personal issues aside, this is a great jazz-breaks track from the chicago duo jason hinkle and tj widner taken from the 2002 album ‘cooking with lasers’. i’ll confess right up front to have heard nothing else from the band, but there’s plenty of downloads and sound clips on the site for further investigation – including the tight sounds of ‘that’s right’ [mp3] from the ‘funk shui’ e.p.

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