MP3 Spring Cleaning – Part Two

and in the continuing spirit of ‘spring cleaning’ (see last post for the full rites of spring clearout…), here some other bits & pieces from emails received that i would have liked to editorialise, but didn’t find the time.

IT’S A TRAP VOL.1 top quality scandanavian indie compilation
STRANGELY FAMILIAR music production collective
PSYCHEDELIC AVENGERS german psych-pop artist site
THE HARVEY GIRLS new music from a band featured in a previous post
THE NAUGAHYDE LIFE eclectic mp3 blog from the team behind ‘the beathunters’
GIBBY HAYNES new mp3 from former butthole surfer
GAMEBOY ORCHESTRAS links to many mp3s
THE RONDO BROTHERS on better propaganda
DAVID SYLVIAN’S LABEL samadhisound.com

a great comment from Henk van Setten on my recent gianni nannini post, which highlights the hazards of promoting unfamiliar music:

Hi Stuart, on your blogpage you talk about a remixed Gianni Nannini song. Seems you take her for a man but actually it’s Giann*A* Nannini, she’s a grrrl and after her early Germany hitlist stuff so funnily remixed here she also made some less mainstream things in the mid-90s, not all of her eight CDs are that well known, and when she starts growling and grumbling it’s easy to take her voice for a man’s so you’re not to blame, still you might want to correct your text about “the guy”. If you’d ask me to compare her early popular songs from the late 80s with someone else’s hits I wouldn’t say Bruce Springsteen or Freddy Mercury, but more something like a very kitschy (and so sometimes delightful) Italian kind of Blondie pop.” 

check her out at giannanannini.com