mp3: MOCHIPET earjuice (otto von schirach remix)

mp3: MOCHIPET johnny cash vs. cash money millionaires

mp3: MOCHIPET dessert search for techno baklava

mp3: MOCHIPET mochitropolis

there is no starker contrast between this mp3 post and the last – from the lowercase subtlety of eglantine to the wrecked drill’n’breakcore of taiwan’s mochipet.

with releases on kid606’s tigerbeat and violent turd labels and ellen allien’s bpitch control, david wang has been carving his way through a wide variety of styles and face transplants. ‘variety’ is in fact a most appropriate word – if mr.606 were to curate his own primetime variety show, mochipet would inevtiably be the house band. on the four tracks available above, we trip from oriental breakcore and a devilish charleston, to glitch’n’swing and electroCash (couldn’t resist it).

born in taiwan, to a rocket scientist father (or so we’re to believe), mochipet relocated with his family to the u.s. and to a love of heavy metal and absurd guitar postures. the implicit hilarity of metal is explicit in his sound today – precision-sharp editing and a unique approach to sample sources is drowned in a wheelie bin of sarcasm and playfulness.

this carefree humour is presumably what attracts promoters and festival organisers – a welcome respite from some of our more static, po-faced electro practitioners. mochipet (taiwanese for ‘rice cake’) has appeared regularly in europe and north america, sharing the stage with the likes of matmos, jimmy edgar, modeselektor, daedelus and john tejada.

remixes naturally feature prominently in mochipet’s universe, with a trail of seemingly never-ending deconstructions heading out from a single song. apparently, fans have been sufficiently tickled by this process, that they have paid him to commission new remixes of his work, while others have allegedly tabled even larger sums just to make him stop.

mochipet’s new release ‘ disco donkey’ is out now through his own label, daly city records.


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