Mochipet (Taiwan) – ‘Get Your Whistle Wet’

Taiwan’s David Wang (last featured on Fat Planet back in 2006) has steadily and quietly amassed a bewildering repertoire of breakcore, glitch and semi-spontaneous noise under the Mochipet alias; the calibre of which has attracted a long queue of collabs with fellow machine wreckers such as Kid 606, Ellen Allien, Daedelus and Aaron Spectre.

Burning off the heels of the recent “Girls Love Breakcore” album comes “Microphonepet”, a rude best-of collection culled from recordings made over the last five years and released through Wang’s own Bay Area-based label Daly City Records. Wang grabs Jahcoozi, Dopestyle (Kutmaster Kurt), RQM (Al Haca) and more buddies along for the ride – a ride which has been blessed with a PR-sting which promises “Glitch, Dubstep, Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat, and Computer Rock”. ‘Get Your Whistle Wet’ tones down the random absurdity for a tight slab of electro-funk, a Euro-esque Baltimore jam that points to the fact that the Mochipet pony has more than a just a singular Breakcore kick in its repertoire.

Elsewhere in the Mochiverse, his “Dessert Search for Techno Baklava” (featured on the last FP post) has been recontextualised and represented for the string-set; currently performed by the 20-strong Alarm Will Sound orchestra at various locations around the world. Tonight (28 Feb) they hit NY’s Carnegie Hall in a performance that also ushers forth versions of tracks from Richard Aphex James, The Shaggs and that ‘righteous dude’ Ligeti.

More: dalycityrecords.com