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‘Made Of Wood And Wire’ is a compilation for The Lifted Brow, a bimonthly Australian magazine publishing fiction, art, comics and commentary. Since 2007, they have been home to everyone from Christos Tsiolkas to Helen Garner, David Foster Wallace to Neil Gaiman, as well as writers like Rick Moody, Douglas Coupland, Heidi Julavits, Tom Bissell, Tao Lin, Blake Butler and Benjamin Kunkel.

Their May 2013 issue was dubbed ‘The Music Issue’, and along with a significant range of essays and articles connected to the theme, there was also a four-label download bundle, featuring compilations from Bedroom Suck Records, Fallopian Tunes, Special Award Records and Wood & Wire.

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All tracks taken from current or upcoming releases on Wood And Wire.


1. fm – Maise (from ‘Buttons EP’) 04:19
2. Emily Grantham – Coconut Flesh (from ‘Chocolate Syrup’) 04:48
3. Stress Waves – Incandescent Dreams (from the forthcoming release ‘Lost Lustre’) 02:47
4. Regional Curse – Traditional Ascension (from ‘Natural Living’) 09:29
5. h+ – With Stars For Eyes (from ‘Giga EP’) 05:58
6. Setec – Unravel (from the forthcoming release ‘Brittle As Bones’) 04:34
7. Kučka – Rewind (fm Remix) (from ‘Kučka EP’) 04:13
8. Drill Folly – Third Movement (from ‘No Love Lost’) 04:08
9. Hollow Press – Before We Fall (from ‘Heads In Dust’) 03:40
10. Textile Audio – Of Hymn (from ‘The Pomegranate Cycle’) 04:09
11. The Vainglories – Cheese & Chips & JW (from ‘Solace EP’) 07:48
12. Automating – Hypnogogia (from ‘Somnambulist’) 02:55
13. David Evans – Connection (from the forthcoming release ‘Domestic Cinema’) 09:29
14. Fatti Frances – You’re Dead (from the forthcoming release ‘Sweaty’) 03:08
15. Shisd – Canyon (from ‘しSD EP’) 05:38
16. K Wilson – Trails (from ‘Alignments’) 04:44
17. Cycle 440 – Pulsing Ghosts (from the upcoming release ‘17843+’) 06:28
18. Machine Death – You Ruin Everything (from ‘Machine Death’) 06:44
19. BOK Darklord – Iced Honey (from ‘Lulu’) 04:37


Compiled for The Lifted Brow, Issue 17 – The Music Issue.

Sleeve Design: Wood And Wire catalogue artwork databent by h+ (Jacob Rutherford). Source artwork by Heath Killen.

Catalogue. WW17