Machine Death ‘Machine Death’ (Wood And Wire)

New Wave Sludgecore from Ben Byrne and Ivan Lisyak.

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New Wave Sludgecore.

“Machine Death is fairly brutal, with the whisper of melody trying vainly to smash through a static wall of distorted viscera. Fuck Buttons would be proud.”
Sonic Masala

“Machine Death have created a music of combustion; mountains not made of earth, but concrete, steel and bilious, carcinogenic smog. This is not a music of beauty, but horror; of nature swept away by the mechanical, of gas chambers and the desolation of late capitalist society.”
Wake The Deaf


Machine Death is Ben Byrne and Ivan Lisyak.


01. Three Inches Above The Floor (10:16)
02. It Won’t Be So Hard (Not For You) (14:09)
03. Carried On A Wave (9:00)
04. You Ruin Everything (6:45)
05. We Can All Fade Away Sometime (10:21)

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