Fat Planet – Kazumasa Hashimoto (Japan)

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mp3: KAZUMASA HASHIMOTO monochrome prome

‘monochrome prome’ comes from composer kazumasa hashimoto – from his new album ‘gilla’ (noble label). hashimoto majored in composition at the tokyo college of music, whilst simultaneously developing an appreciation for computer-based production. over two albums, ‘yupi’ (2004) and ‘epitaph’ (2005) he’s brought those two disciplines together, in a way that mirrors local contemporaries such as susumu yokota and himuro. whilst ‘monochrome prome’ is a beguiling and accomplished piece of work, it is perhaps not quite as removed from yesterday’s cacoy track as first appears. like cacoy, hashimoto has also rooted much of his aesthetic sensibilities in a childlike framework (both musicially and in cover art) – it’s therefore unsurprising that they both appear on a compilation from staubgold entitled ‘childish music’ (along with matthew herbert, devendra banhart and a whos-who of experimental japanese musicians) – compiled by ekkehard ehlers (aka auch) in order to “define a new genre” of “naive sounds”.

kazumasa hashimoto official site