french duo justice are not exactly breaking news to avid music fans and critics, mainly due to a long series of remixes that began back in 2004 with their version of simian‘s ‘never be alone again’, and followed by re-rubs for soulwax, death from above 1979, NERD, scenario rock, fatboy slim and (bizarrely) britney vs madonna‘s ‘me against the music’. their debut e.p. ‘waters of nazareth’ delivers exactly what those remixes led us to expect – justice are the dark, evil twin of daft punk, hiding under their big brother’s bed, eating spiders and furballs and tinkering away with their home-made woofer. dirty, distorted bass is to the fore, delivering tunes that undoubtedly have thomas bangalter cursing as his head hits the pillow each night.

with justice so pervasive on the blogsphere, it’s hard not to post something that’s already out there. so how about this above mp3, dubbed the ‘justice medley’. and as an additional treat, here’s the full-length video to accompany ‘jjuussttiiccee’ with photos and film of justice‘s ‘life on the road’.

buy ‘waters of nazareth’ (ed banger) everywhere, including forced exposure

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