Jukes, Bela Butono, Avril

wandering star mp3
jukes (pictured) is the solo project for bristol-based vocalist tammy payne. i played a track on today’s show called ‘i wasn’t even looking’ which favourably recalls one summer ten years ago, hearing portishead’s ‘sour times’ for the first time. one of those instance where you stay in the car with the engine off, just so you can make sure you catch the title and the artist’s name. it’s no surprise that jukes sounds similar, for the project is co-produced by portishead bassist jim barr and tammy also recently laid down some vocals for p’head mainman geoff barrow’s new project, mackay. the above mp3 is a cover of the classic standard, not to be confused with a track of the same name from ‘dummy’…

platanja mp3
came across a great album recently ‘ body movement’, chock full of new music from the austrian label ‘soundlab‘. one of the stand-out tracks is ‘last summer’ from this four-piece, who gather around the band’s creative core, alexander reitterer aka uez. i’m tempted to say that it reminds me of the austrian production team, kruder & dorfmeister, which is more of a compliment than anything else. this mp3 is from a 2001 release entitled ‘dagena’. three more downloads from this release available here.

french kiss mp3
avril is fred magnon, responsible for the excellent 2002 album ‘that horse must be starving’ (from which the above mp3 is taken – a cover of the li’l louis classic) and this year’s follow-up ‘members only’. more of the same excellent french electronica – some of the key players of the current electronica boom seem to be originating from western europe – see also portugal’s thisco label. there’s a version of this track on a compilation called ‘paris lounge 3’ which is a 4-4 acoustic stomp that’s not to be missed.