Juana Molina, Think Twice, Ulrich Schnauss

tres cosas mp3
yet another tune from folktronica artist, juana molina – this is the title track from her album ‘tres cosas’. i’ve almost completly emptied the cupboard of juana’s free downloads here on this site and played probably more tracks of hers that many other artists on the show. perhaps this posting brings the juana fan club to a close for the time being. check out the new issue of the wire for an interview. [site]

analyse me mp3
played the title track from their debut album ‘unemployed’ today – which is very different from the above mp3. ‘unemployed’ is basically a stripped back accosutic pean to being on the dole, listing all the wonderful reasons why mooching has far more benefits than slogging it out for cash – like daytime tv and hanging round on street corners. the early promise of think twice – the ‘under the bombs’ mp3 found on the f comm site – has not really been bourne out on the album. it’s a short, mis-shaped collection of tracks that ends with a cover version of cage’s 4’33” of silence. didn’t the guy from the wombles do that recently too?

a lie for breakfast mp3
i’m loving the recent track i found from ulrich schnauss – ‘on my own’ – it has beautiful washes of sound, played back over a midtempo bpm. works well with either headphones and dancing shoes on. it’s electronica with a heart and soul and a very healthy pulse. ulrich has also remixed ‘little 15’ for the forthcoming depeche mode remix project. it’s a good mix – the first half retaining much of the original, before breaking down and taking off with more majestic sweeps into unexplored territory. the above mp3 is taken from ulrich’s site and is an unreleased track from 2001. there’s been a huge progression since then, but this is a lush slice of bleepin’ electronica nonetheless.