Jahcoozi | Watching You (Plastic Little Remix)

Jahcoozi. What to make of them? They squirreled into our psyche many earth-moon revolutions ago with their ‘fish fish fish’ inspired track, neatly titled ‘Fish’. Since then, they’ve chosen to run circles around their own narrative – whether through choice or fate, never hitching their wagon to any particular label for more than one release, and – with each consecutive appearance – always delivering a side order of unexpected mystery meat on top of their bass-heavy electro grill.

2007’s second album ‘Blitz N Ass’ was a tight, deep affair, perhaps not as loose and thus as experimental as their debut, but fascinating nonetheless. Since then, one-third – Robot Koch – has eschewed hibernation in favour of launching a label, Robots Don’t Sleep, and releasing EPs and mixtapes, whilst the group also found time to record the superb ‘Murder Us’ collaboration on King Cannibal‘s latest for Ninja Tune and pose for some delightfully bizarre photo shoots.

However, the door to the new Jahcoozi album has finally been kicked open with two singles – ‘Watching You’ (on Sugarcane) and ‘Namedropper’ (Batty Bass) – the former running mixes from Oliver $, Two Fingers, Plastic Little and Loose Cannons.

And whilst the original ‘Watching You’ continues to mine a bass-heavy seam for the trio, it’s Plastic Little’s remix that draws surprise – a genre-shifting departure from the source that teases out the tracks’s voyeuristic set-up and shrouds it in an ice-cold pean to suffocating love. When you’re daydreaming about to do with that boy/girlfriend that you can never have, this might well give you some dark inspiration.

Jahcoozi – Watching You (Plastic Little Remix) | mp3

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  1. pnwbot

    July 20, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    gah *_*


  2. chris k

    July 22, 2009 at 12:38 am

    wow. LOVE it.

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