Invisible Prism ‘Innermost Outerspace’ (Wood And Wire)

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Waves will soon form; let the current take you deeper. Follow the sines to the symbols. That portal is closer than you think. Remember that you are everywhere. When you hear the silver chord, this will signal the path home.


Invisible Prism is the electronic music project of Ricky Turner from Queensland, Australia.

Let’s trip the prism invisible.

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1. In Search of Higher Planes (11:10)
2. oasisao (11:08)
3. Restructuring Neuro-electric Geometry (05:33)


All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Ricky Turner at home using analogue synthesisers, effects pedals, a sampler and loop pedal, singing bowls and percussion instruments, a multi-track recorder and a computer.

Catalogue. WW32

Wood And Wire Catalogue.