Introducing New Weird Australia

For a while, I’ve been looking for an outlet to best explore, promote and galvanise the weird / experimental music scene in my current home of Australia. This country has a long and vital history of experimental music, however until the birth of the internet age, this rich seam of avant-garde audio remained largely confined to its geographic borders. Over the last ten years, emerging Australian artists have found new avenues and new audiences thanks to international digital distribution, and in considering how to best move a new Australian project forward, it makes sense to capitalise on that paradigm.

The idea is this: New Weird Australia is a free compilation series of new, electic and experimental Australian music, made available to download via newweirdaustralia.com on a bimonthly basis. The first volume in the series is slated for release in late June 2009.

With this in mind, I’m seeking expressions of interest from Australian musicians and audio artists actively pursuing an agenda of experimentation and innovation in any form or genre. New Weird Australia is also seeking expressions of interest from graphic designers, visual artists, photographers and others working within the visual medium to develop cover art for each volume in the series. Please visit newweirdaustralia.co for full details of agreements, licencing & promotion.

Web: newweirdaustralia.com

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  1. boxxman

    June 13, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Lookin forward to listenin to the compilations.. Ill be sendin some stuff your way soon 🙂

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