INTERVIEW. On the phone with Björk: talking Utopia, Tinder and slapstick comedy

When the good people at Double J asked me if I was interested in interviewing Björk, I thought they were having a laugh. The dismissive flick I gave them soon turned into a week of abject anxiety when it turned out they were for real. Last Friday, I got on the phone to Björk in Reykjavik and spoke to her for 30 minutes about Utopia, love and slapstick comedy. And you can hear that interview this Wednesday, 29 November, on Double J from 8pm AEST.

On the phone from Iceland, Björk talks about leaving behind the intensity of Vulnicura, and starting a new chapter, full of love and light and comedy. I’ll also be chatting with Australian composer Sarah Hopkins, one of the many collaborators on Utopia, to find out why Björk fell in with her unique instrument, the ‘harmonic whirly’.

Listen online at doublej.net.au