In The Mix Interview for Dust Tones

this saturday (13th) i’m playing a dj set at the monthly club ‘dust tones‘ at the clare hotel, broadway, sydney. expect the usual mix of electronic, hip hop, dancehall, crunk, baile funk, ragga, bollywood, baltimore, breakcore and other global beats. should be a great night, some fantastic djs on the bill – if international music gets you hot under the collar, this will be an excellent chance to gorge.

here’s the blurb: “This month Dust Tones dives into the world of Global Underground. From Bollywood to Hollywood. Bhangra to Baltimore, Afro beat to African, Latin to Laos this is a trip around the musical world in just one night. Out of retirement comes Bhangra legend Earth Brown Kid, champion of the Marsala Mix radio show. Joining him is global music don Stuart Buchanan, queen of bhangra bootlegs Sheerien Salindera and Mr Latin Man About Town.” more info at invadarecords.com

australia’s dance music portal inthemix.com.au recently published an interview with me to tie-in with the dust tones night. read it here, but here’s a cut’n’paste for speed:


IN THE MIX – Stuart Buchanan: Unearthing the bare facts

As the general manager of FBI radio, Stuart Buchanan could present any show that he felt passionate about, but it’s global music that is his calling. Benjamin Chinnock unearths the bare facts.

Original from Scotland, Buchanan has been DJing since he was 18, but by his own admission ‘he still can’t mix for shit.’ As the host of international music show Fat Planet on Sydney’s FBI, he shares his love of electronic, rock, hip hop, dancehall, crunk, baile funk, raga, Bollywood and African, all with an international flavour. Buchanan divulges his reasons for being drawn to this type of music. “I was tired of hearing the same ideas played over and over again, tired of reading about all of the same bands, week in week out. Getting into international music has re-invigorated my passion – I’m hearing brand new ideas all the time; ideas generally not found in mainstream or indie media.”

Global music is a contentious word, definition and genre, with many a conversation debating its merits and meaning ending with the United Nations. For Buchanan the answer is simple, “If you had to define it, it would be anything from outside the Anglo / American axis.” Global music has also been labelled as an over conceptualised marketing ploy created to sell records to sympathetic world types.  Buchanan understands this, “it is a tricky definition.  There’s an old misconception that anything global or ‘world’ has to be traditional tribal music from the Sahara, when actually it could just as easily be neo-acid-psych-rock from Japan.”

Often used as an umbrella term, global music covers many genres and in the late nineties it suffered at the hands of hype and the next-big-thing syndrome, with genres like Asian underground being push by music magazines to a point of doing more harm then good. Buchanan is of the view that, “labels are helpful but only in a lazy sense.  One person’s underground is another person’s mainstream.  ‘Asian underground’ is a classic example of an old label that has lost its relevance and now means nothing.”

While Australia has a healthy music scene Global music is yet to find a solid home. When international artist tour they do draw solid crowds however there has yet to be a regular party continue to push the sound. Buchanan is of the opinion that, “there’s a good few non-traditionalists bucking the trend, particularly the Uber Lingua crew and producers like Mashy P.  But when you have traditional world music juggernauts such as Womad perpetuating an old-school view of global music, it’s very hard to rise above that and prove there’s an alternative.”

With Australia being a multicultural society you would think that it would be a melting pot for different cultures and music. Buchanan has experienced this first hand. “I’m a Scotsman, living in Marrickville, surrounded by Greek, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Danish communities – I’ve never lived in a more multicultural suburb.  How far that tolerance extends is a matter for much debate.”

Name five artist or songs that we are likely to hear you play?
Bondo De Role (Brazil)
Mutamassik (Egypt)
Stacs Of Stamina (Sweden)
Ghislain Poirer (Canada)
DJ Rupture (Spain)

M.I.A vs Missy Elliot, who would win the battle?
Hopefully they’d just kiss and make up.

Punjabi MC or Jay-Z?

Spank Rock or DJ Assault feat Q Tip?
Spank Rock would tap their ass.

Bollywood or Hollywood?
Ed Wood.

Thievery Corporation or Asian Dub Foundation?
Thievery would take it lying down.

Stuart Buchanan from FBI’s Fat Planet plays Dust Tones, Saturday May 13th, with a Global Underground special featuring Earth Brown Kid,  Sheerien Salindera from SBS Alchemy, Man About Town, Mr Pez, Frenzie and Bentley. It all happens at The Clare Hotel, Broadway. For more info check out ITM Whatson.