Ólöf Arnalds (Iceland) – ‘Í Nýju Húsi’

On last night’s Fat Planet radio show, we had guest selector Stuart Rogers in the studio. Since 2005, Stuart has been producing audio and video podcasts for the Iceland Airwaves festival and has become – in his own words – something of a “specialist generalist” in the field of Icelandic music. Many of the vodcasts be found at icelandairwaves.com/podcast, or check the archive at youtube. I’ve posted a beautiful clip featuring Ólöf Arnalds above, performing Í Nýju Húsi from her debut album, Við og Við. As Stuart notes “Turns out that the guitar she pulled out of the case that day wasn’t hers and had trouble keeping tune, but she trucked on regardless.”

During the session, we played a track from the new Benni Hemm Hemm album ‘Ein I Leyni’ which is currently only distributed in Iceland, but you can buy online at Grapewire.net. Grapewire also stock releases from some of our other session artists, Hellvar, Mr Silla & Mongoose and Olaf Arnulds.