h+ – ‘GIGA’ (Wood And Wire)

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“GIGA is my first venture into ambient-noise, collecting a few themes I’ve found interesting and attempting to illustrate them sonically. From a paranormal oddity in Hoia Baciu, to a push for research into alternative fuel sources in Helium-3, to the roaring thunderclap of an unnamed god in God’s Big Noise. I’m a huge believer in youthful, experimental, Australian music, and GIGA is my contribution to it.”
Jacob Rutherford, h+

“Ambient keyboards, dragging background noise and an almost robotic (yet 100% human and soulful) voice which reminds us of the progress we have made as a species, bring to mind the ambient adventures of Aphex Twin in the ’90s … But what makes this thirty-minute gem so wonderful, is its deep sense of humanity, a lack of which in many cases characterizes electronic music … The album is an hymn to the future full of nostalgia for science fiction and dreams that haven’t come true, but one day will – because if we lose hope, we will have nothing left. But h+ doesn’t just hope, he is certain of his truth, and very much capable of convincing us of it as well. And it it that confidence of his that makes GIGA a powerful and promising release.”
A Closer Listen

“Combining electronic minimalism with experimental noise, GIGA clearly comes from someone looking outward, with a vast amount of fascination with the world around him … a bold and promising debut with a wide scope.”
Cyclic Defrost



h+ is the creative output of 18 year old Perth musician, Jacob Rutherford. An enthusiast of transhumanism and futurism, his music tells stories of the growth of humanity, ventures into space and some of the absurd wonders found on Earth. Currently studying sound production at SAE Perth, Jacob hopes to pursue a career in audio engineering in the future. GIGA is his first release as h+.

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1. Hoia Baciu 05:35
2. Planetary Resources Inc. 04:49
3. Helium-3 04:45
4. With Stars For Eyes 05:58
5. God’s Big Noise 09:03



Produced by Jacob Rutherford
Mastered by Ben Steed and Rob Gilbank of Pegasia Music
Artwork by Fiona Boylen
Special thanks to Steven Callan, for being an amazing teacher and inspiring role model

GIGA is a joint release with Pegasia Music


Catalogue. WW11