this sunday (7th), i’ll be playing at green beats at petersham bowling club in sydney. many fine local players have dropped sets here in the past, all surely relishing the odd opportunity to play records at a lawn bowls club. (and if you don’t know lawn bowls, get a primer here).

the line up this week also includes fellow fbi cohort levins (aka sleater brockman) plus foreign dub, typhonic, ryan lazy, jonny faith, fangle and more. the club, which is privately owned, faces closure due to lack of lawn bowls business, so hopefully getting some beats on the go will help to boost the coffers. runs from midday til 8pm (i’ll be there 6pm), $10 tax includes lawn bowls all day, or $5 just for the tunes. more info at


Stuart Buchanan

Born in Scotland and now resident in Sydney, my career-long passion has been in developing new audiences for arts and culture, as a director, producer and marketer of innovative creative work. This blog looks at at the intersections of culture, technology and media, and the changing ways in which audiences interact with the arts and creative industries.

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