Gonzales, Adam, Bang Gang, Kiiiiiii!, Mui

we’re going for a more pared back, less electronic post today. if you download one tune from this post, don’t look past the japanese. it’s a joy to behold.

lovertits mp3
i played a track today (‘mushaboom’) from leslie feist‘s album, ‘let it die’ – the album was co-produced by gonzales, which seems a little uncharacteristic. we’re talking alt.folk from the man who spent a great deal of the last few years hanging around with peaches… and strangely this mp3 (taken from gonzales’ ‘z’ album) is also one that was featured on peaches’ debut album, here rendered in a very different version by feist. [site]

everything you need mp3
some acoustica for you (which makes a diverting change from the predominantly electro-focus of the blog…) – courtesy of the bass player from the group fridge. if you haven’t heard of fridge, then you’ll have certainly have heard of four tet aka keiren hebden, also a founding member of fridge. however, adem departs from the experimentation of fridge to go for a straight forward folk approach, with some beautiful results. the above mp3 is taken from adem‘s recent debut album ‘homesongs’. the track from today’s show ‘let me give you a reason’ is taken from the promo of the single ‘ringing in my ear’, which according to the domino web site is not included in the commercial release.

inside (acoustic demo version) 
a return visit to fat planet for these guys, originally featured back in june. played a more rockin’ track today than this acoustic track, and strangely from a promo album of ‘pop and rock made in france’ – so i can only assume they’re de-camped from the freezing cold to the land of fine wine and great pastries. smart move. [site]

KIIIIII! [JAPAN] (pictured)
brown girl in the ring mp3
got to make sure i’ve got the right amount of exclamation marks on there… and how do we pronounce the name of the band? no idea. all i can tell you is that appear to be two very mad girls from japan making that insane blend of experimental psychedlic pop-rock that japan does so well. this is a cover of a song that i also remember be covered by the glitter-tastic boney m back in the 70s and it clocks in at just under two minutes – and half of that is a drum solo. these girls are touched by genius.

t-10 mp3
finally today, i’ve got to give a huge vote of support to the outstanding ‘starving but happy’ site, chiefly for the amazing compilation from keplar records that’s free to download from their site. the album consists of top quality downtempo electronica and post-rock from germany, italy, hungary (of all places!) and more. i strongly recommend you take time out to own this free compilation, even if you’re not on broadband 🙂 for more info on all the artists on the compilaiton, check out the keplar site. the above track from the italians mui is a beautiful fresh cut of both post-rock and electronica – all in one bite. and by god it tastes good…