Ghislain Poirier (Canada) – ‘Bounce Le Remix Vol.3’

Mr Poirier returns, fresh from the release of the excellent ‘No Ground Under’ album (Ninja Tune) with the third in his series of self-released remixes, blends, mash-ups and re-rubs. There’s no doubting the fact that Ghis is one of the most prolific remixers around, but even with such a rapidly expanding discography, he manages to keep the quality of mixes consistently high. More often than not he trumps the original in terms of both leftfield originality and ability to move inert rumps around the globe.

In his new collection, ‘Bounce Le Remix 3’, his love of dancehall and soca comes directly to the centre of play – forgoing some of the more obvious hipster subjects of the first two volumes for a celebration of hard Caribbean party jams.

mp3: LIL MAMA Lip Gloss (Ghislain Poirer Bounce Le Remix)

Get Bounce Le Gros Vol.3 direct from ghislainpoirier.com for a mere ten bucks.

More new material from Ghislain surfaces mid-April with the 2nd single release from ‘No Ground Under’ titled ‘No More Blood’ with mixes from the always on-point Deadbeat and Hudson Mohawke – and a further Sixtoo connection, providing the artwork.