Gatherer – ‘Amoeba Miasma Void’ (Wood And Wire)

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Amoeba Miasma Void is the second release from Gatherer taking a much darker turn from his debut EP Ten Crowns Sect on Moon Town Tapes. Herein there’s more emphasis on thrumming low-end drone and distortion, combined with skittering insect-like clicks and blips and spaced-out synth, arpeggios all presented atop a cold and unnerving hiss and crackle.


Gatherer is the solo project of Morgan McKellar, one-half of Canberra improv-noise duo, Cold House, and formerly of Sydney band Underlapper and his now defunct solo project Morning Stalker.
He manipulates (mostly) found-sounds from audio libraries, online video, and field recordings to create improvised sample-driven, ambient/drone pieces intended for headphone use.

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1. Amoeba Miasma Void
2. Extension
3. Shake Lento
4. Speed Thievery


All music created and recorded by Morgan McKellar.

Catalogue. WW29

Wood And Wire Catalogue.