Freak Wave 005 – CÉCI, AMMAR 808, Charlotte Adigéry +

Episode 005 of Freak Wave once again ventures into marginal music scenes from around the world, featuring left of field music from Tunisia, Japan, Jamaica, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Italy.

Episode Notes:

In this episode, mutant j-pop from Tokyo’s Kudo Kamome; sultry dub electronics from the Avon Terror Corps collective; new music from Belgian-Carribean artist Charlotte Adigery; new South African Gqom from Citizen Boy; we lean into Vayne’s taken on coldwave from out of Berlin; Jamaica’s Sikka Rhymes delivers some warped dancehall on the Bokeh Verions label; and there’s also music from CÉCI, Julie’s Haircut and Tunisia’s AMMAR 808.

Listen to Freak Wave 005:

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Playlist 005:

Episode Image: CÉCI