Filthy Children – ‘Chillection’ (Wood And Wire)

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Wood and Wire presents an XXL serving of Filchil goodness to accompany you through the blazing summer and into the murky bounds of beyond. Chillection is a selection of lovingly munted works representing the current wave of Filthy Children’s musical output.

PBS FM: Top 10 Feature Record

“Dope release from a bunch of awesome sydney producers … majorly trippy”
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Filthy Children are a crew of dedicated, best friended, bright eyed, young inner west lads from Sydney. Made up of individual groups and projects with continuously shifting names and formations, they are inspired by memories of after school cartoons, video games and 90s pop-culture. The music of Filthy Children aims to take an audience on a journey through sounds, sights, textures, graphics, boss levels, loading screens, character select, hidden packages, rainbow roads, techno schmeckno, dragons, wizards and warlocks, the temple of time, pallet town, springfield, rivendel and winterfel.

Filthy Children share music to the great cyberspace exchange known as the World Wide Web – all hail our Techno Moth overlord!

Filthy Children on Bandcamp
Filthy Children on Facebook
The Filthy Children by YOLK collective


1. Intro
2. Defocus – Through Motion
3. Canecutter – Day Two
4. Paperclip Galaxy – Goosedance
5. Mystery Wagon – Dulwich Dogs (Racetrack Version)
6. Baerfrens – Spacerocket
7. Defocus – Redwoods
8. Moufteef – Fishfingur
9. L-X-EN – Emblem Garcia
10. cyber.akb – Shojo No Kokuhaku
11. Kwze – Dream Hole
12. Kaukana – Follow the Fool (Made in Japan Remix)
13. Canecutter – Orange
14. Baerfrens – Bloom (Spoonty Remix)
15. Carpet Brick – Mangrove Jack (Ft. Canecutter)
16. cyber.akb – Lawson
17. Defocus X Moufteef – Locus
18. Kuwait Paragraphic – Quay Three
19. Paperclip Galaxy – Mars Glitter Without Shame
20. Ilki – Memory Foam

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