Fever Ray | If I Had A Heart

The Knife‘s ‘Silent Shout’ remains as good as it sounded right from day one – dark, fucked up, dramatic gothtronica, that is in turns both desperately sad and perversely beautiful. ‘We Share Our Mother’s Health’ remains one of the most bleak and morose electro-pop songs yet committed to tape, but with her Knife offshoot project Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer Andersson seems determined to plunge still further into the darkness.

The lead single “If I Had A Heart” (released today on The Knife’s Rabid Records via 7Digital, Beatport and Klicktrack) borrows much of the vocal styles that Karin employed on ‘Silent Shout’ – the screwed, wound-down slow-mo treatment, dropped here in tandem with Karin’s untreated voice. As a precursor for the self-titled album due on March 21st, and a proposed live show being prepared in tandem, it offers those with a Knife-shaped hole in their heart some hope to lean into.