Fatti Frances – ‘Sweaty’ (Wood And Wire)

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This installment exposes Fatti Frances’ experimental slow jams born from after work drinks turned drunken bedroom raves. Aesthetically, these songs are home-crafted and rough n’ ready, representing post sexual dance music that leaves you feeling awkward and exhausted, confused yet satisfied.

Within this release you can expect Fatti Frances’ trademark overpowering rhythms and delicate melodies laced with uncomfortable drones that stumble through wonky synthetic bass lines.

Perfect for a 6am slow dance.

Also released on cassette via Heavy Lows.

“Wanting to take dancefloor bangers that idols Missy Elliott pumps out and combine with pastoral yet evocative songwriting, Fatti Frances achieves something of a quivering, heaving hybrid of overt sexual come-ons and coy musings, all the while manipulating sound into an electronic vacuum of stutters and uncertainty.”
Sonic Masala


Raised by her eccentric grandmother in an old Brunswick home similar to the Grey Gardens Mansion, Raquel Solier emerged from boxes of worn VHS tapes and empty milk cartons to become Fatti Frances, experimental RnB artist.

As a drummer for art punk bands Jemima Jemima and Oh! Belgium, indie bands The Ancients and Jessica Says, and even country outfit Nathan Hollywood, Solier has strong roots in the Melbourne music scene. After relocating to Berlin with Jemima Jemima and touring Europe and Asia playing drums for Jens Lekman, sharing stages with such luminaries as Joanna Newsom, A.I.R and Sally Seltmann, Raquel took time off in Brooklyn. There she found the inspiration to take the plunge on an idea she’d long toyed with, combining her love of chart topping RnB artists such as Missy Elliott and Aaliyah with the dark, melodic songwriting of Scott Walker and Karen Carpenter.

The result of the experience and the foundation of every live performance is a brutal concoction of synthesizer waves, wonky doom-like bass and most prominent of all; the assaulting RnB beats.

Just when it couldn’t appear to get any more intense, sexy, trance-like, loose or sweaty; out comes the smoke machine and lasers to heighten the senses and unhinge the diva within.

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1. Sweaty (03:55)
2. My Man (04:00)
3. Lover (05:06)
4. So Bad (05:29)
5. Clowns (04:19)
6. You’re Dead (03:08)


© 2012 Fatti Frances
Fatti Frances is Raquel Solier

Everything recorded at home by Raquel Solier
Bass on ‘Clowns’ by Connal Parsley
Mixed and mastered by Morgan Mc Waters
Thanks to: Stacey, Morgan, Simon, Connal

Catalogue. WW19