Eglantine Gouzy (France)

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parisian eglantine gouzy occupies a terrain that at first seems familiar, but after repeated listens it’s clear she’s sowing beautiful new structures in this apparently oft-visited arena. contemporary torch bearers for this style of warm, spacious, and at times abstract electronica include argentina’s juana molina and france’s camille (whose outstanding album ‘le fille’ has just received a long overdue local release in australia). like most comparisons, they are the map, not the territory – gouzy is in fact squatting somewhere off in the distance, ensconced in her own softly-whispered world of fairy tales and daydreams. we shouldn’t however dismiss her as some fey object of whimsy, quite the opposite. beneath the childlike exterior beats something altogether more alarming. simply spend 90 seconds with ‘cuckoo’ and buried somewhere therein you might find the same sense of unnerving dread that siouxsie sioux once conjoured on early banshees albums. and whilst ‘boa’, by contrast, skips along without a care in the world (with music-concrete percussive elements throughout), the melancholy electronica of ’12h12′ appears to offer us the same schizm between innocence and remorse.

these latter two tracks initially surfaced on fat cat’s online demo resource, and again last year as part of monika label’s ‘four women no cry’ project. in an effort to redress the balance in electronic music, the album represented four women from diverse regions – argentina’s rosario blefari, austria’s catarina pratter and tusia beridze (aka tba) from georgia in the former soviet union – all sharing a common audio agenda. i was reminded of this album last weekend when i stumbled across a ‘four women no cry’ remix e.p. in the iTunes store. entitled ‘landsleute remixes’, it pairs the four women with their local, male counterparts; dj ark‘s remix of gouzy’s ‘zone a’ being particularly effective. b.fleischmann, gustavo lamas and post industrial boys round out the remix duties.

eglantine gouzy’s debut album ‘boamaster’ is out now through ireland’s osaka recordings.

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