Elbee ‘Visions of Vactrols’ (Wood And Wire)

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Visions of Vactrols is a new way of sampling, it is a new way of processing, it is an old brain child rehydrated. Mother nature’s voice is twisted and warped to utter imperfection, and sits in situ with cleverly arranged digits as an illusion to our senses. Time runs, walks and crawls in all and no directions simultaneously. Visions of Vactrols is an expression of one.

“The best release you’ll hear all week … It takes me back to studying Blade Runner five years ago in High School, back to first discovering the weird and wonderful world of Seekae a few more years ago, and strangely also back to the dark electronic soundtrack of Parallax’s Decent”

” 20+ minutes of blissful experimental electronica”
Fragile Or Possibly Extinct


Elbee is the work of sound artist and music producer Lloyd Barrett.

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1. Roulette Smoke Roll 03:32
2. Mute Hatch 03:56
3. Finger Nail Flam 04:49
4. PortaSound 04:25
5. Zeldomeld 04:37
6. The Indexilarm Dimension 04:13


Written and produced by Lloyd Barrett 2013-2014
Violin on The Indexilarm Dimension by Elise Carpio
Mastered by Ben Feggans at Studios 301 Sydney

Catalogue. WW33

Wood And Wire Catalogue.