Fat Planet – Arabesque Mix

‘Fat Planet Arabesque’ is inspired by artists such as Mutamassik, Filastine, 2/5 BZ and dj/Rupture who take a distinctly skewed and sonically distorted approach to working with sounds from the Middle East.  This mix was intended to, once again, prove the case that innovative, unique and challenging music can be found in all parts of the globe; and that attempts to blend territorial sensibilities and thus disable borders can be achieved without resorting – as is so often the case – to commercial lounge ‘remixes’ of indigenous work from Western DJs.

The mix was recorded in November 2006, was first broadcast on a ‘Fat Planet’ Special on the Australian Community Radio Network in June 2007, and re-broadcast on Dialectic, November 2007 (Edge Radio Hobart and nationwide on CRN).



  • 2/5 BZ Anadolog [TURKEY] / CHEB I SABBAH Peace Is Found Behind Wounds – What Will Happen [ALGERIA]
  • RAZ MESINAI Moving Still [ISRAEL]
  • FILASTINE Judas Goat [U.S.]
  • 2/5 BZ Militant Oriental [TURKEY]
  • TURBO TABLA Turbo Tabla #3 [EGYPT]
  • 2/5 BZ Taham An [TURKEY]
  • NETTLE Uncivilertarian (Hvratski Remix) [SPAIN]
  • BADAWI To Be Continued [ISRAEL]
  • 2/5 BZ Petrol 3 [TURKEY]
  • SULTANA Hadi Hadi Git I?ine [TURKEY]
  • BOIKUTT & STORMTRAP Quarat (feat. Lethal Skillz) [PALESTINE]
  • CHEB I SABBAH Peace Is Found Behind Wounds – What Will Happen [ALGERIA] / RAZ MESINAI Horse Dance [ISRAEL]
  • FILASTINE Dance Of The Garbageman [U.S.]
  • 2/5 BZ Petrol 8 [TURKEY]
  • BABA ZULA & MAD PROFESSOR Su Daglar Sard Feryadm [TURKEY/U.S.]
  • DJ/RUPTURE Tasqim Distorsionada [U.S.]

img: James Butler via Flickr