DJ Rupture, Beans, Ozi Balta, The Stills

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following the nettle post, here’s some more of barcelona-based dj rupture (pictured). although recorded under his ‘DJ’ name, this also drops some eastern influence, albeit lower in the mix – the predominant feel is sample-heavy midtempo broken beat, with a vocal ripped from aaliyah coming halfway through. things build to a more frantic pace towards the end, hitting some quality breakcore around the 3 minute mark. unlike some of the more excessive territories explored by kid606 et al, rupture manages to keep everything together, making the whole thing completely listenable. good on ‘im.

diamond halo grenade mp3
this track is taken from beans‘ new warp records album ‘shock city maverick’ (see warp epk). beans has always been on the electronic side of hip hop, collaborating in the past with fine folks such as prefuse 73 and el-p. this track takes him further into beat-driven electronica, however for heavier exploration in this area, check out ‘bubonic’ on the new e.p. ‘down by law’ – produced by mark pritchard (jedi knights, reload), it’s closer in feel to some of the two-step electronica mapped out by dizzee rascal on his new ‘showtime’ album. dizzee has stolen the lead from so many people in the last 12 months, making everything else sound a little dated. fortunately, beans is coming up fast behind – the new album hopefully will prove the point. you can also still download the excellent mutescreamer (prefuse 73 mix) here: mp3

starship troopers mp3
heard any aussie hip hop yet? well, there’s a huge scene down here – ranging from the party hop of folks like the herd and koolism to more leftfield tunes from the likes of the excellent hermitudeand macromanticsozi batla (from the well-respected ‘elefant traks‘ stable) falls somewhere in between all this. he definitely has the aussie MC stylings, however lyrically he’s coming from a darker corner. the above track featured on ‘the elefant collection’ volume one.

retour a vega mp3
thanks to the folks at vice recordings, here’s a little rarity – montreal’s the stills with a french language track, proving there’s so much more to rock than dirty boring bands like jet. switching to new york in 2002, the band hooked up with both the yeah yeah yeahs and interpol – if you’re going to make friends with anyone in manhattan, that seems like a pretty good start. their album is called ‘logic will break your heart’ and, on the strength of this track, is definitely worth investigation.

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a heads up to thomas barlett at salon.com (check out the wednesday morning download section) for his kinds words on fat planet, thanks too to the ever-excellent better propaganda for their front page link to this ‘ere blog (check out their recent mp3 additions for diplo, milosh and solvent). thanks also to queep for the link + props – an interesting site to check out, if you like discovering new music with more a dancefloor friendly appeal, this is a good pitstop. in other ‘fat planet in the news’ news… i also managed to worm my way into one of the main sunday newspapers here – the sun herald – rambling on about ‘chip music’ and making some dodgy comparisons to conceptual art – hilarious! it’s not posted online, so you’ll just have to take my word for it….

i’m not a fan of metallica, but you must see their documentary ‘some kind of monster’ – it’s one of the most compelling movies i’ve seen in a long time. if metal’s not your bag, fear not – there’s very little music throughout, just a never-ending parade of oddly life-affirming moments as the band struggle with their own internal disputes and an impending fear of failure. (and i’m now strangely interested in their new album – curse those marketing fiends!)