Discontent – In Teen Dreams (Mixtape)

Do you remember those teenage dreams?  For some it may be a recent memory, for others, it’s somewhat more distant.  To the latter, teen dreams exist simply as faint, fading memories –  idylls, fantasises, hopes and nightmares, never to be lived or experienced, destined only to be ravaged and degraded by time.  The nostalgia for lost teenage dreams is balanced by the fact that the actual shape and substance of those dreams can no longer be recalled – it’s simply a sense-memory, an instinctual belief that something has been lost, but with no recollection of what the ‘something’ actually is. This mixtape somewhat boldy tries to capture that sense memory – a hankering for a past, refracted through the eyes of the future.  Everything contained herein is stretched and strained over time, not so much hypnogogic as hypnotic, post-nostalgia – lulling us into the security of a place and time that is simultaneously familiar and unknown. We drift from Roj‘s Ghost Box intro, to Salem‘s screwed goth-hop remix of Playboy Tre and Tan Dollar‘s funeral wedding march, projecting via White Rainbow‘s astral tones, Kharkov‘s elusive and ultimately unobtainable folk melody and Ancient Crux‘s dark pean to romantic longing, dripping with echoes of music from half a century ago. It’s full of promise and mystery, yet it ultimately unsettles and perhaps never truly satisfies – the true mark of a real teenage dream.

DOWNLOAD: Discontent | In Teen Dreams (103MB)

  • 1. Roj – You Are Here / England [1:29]
  • 2. Black Vatican – Night Is Come / U.S. [4:18]
  • 3. Railcars – Cathedral With No Eyes (white rainbow remix) / U.S. [6:24]
  • 4. Playboy Tre – Sideways (Salem Drag Chop remix) / U.S. [4:48]
  • 5. Shlohmo – Couch / U.S. [3:34]
  • 6. Tan Dollar – Untitled / U.S. [2:36]
  • 7. Ancient Crux – In Teen Dreams / U.S. [2:33]
  • 8. Pina Chulada – Someone Like You / U.S. [3:39]
  • 9. Blastcorp – Last (Harp mix) / Australia [2:25]
  • 10. Syntaks – Sudden Dream / Denmark [3:00]
  • 11. White Rainbow – Mind Haze Is Clear Delights / U.S. [10:29]
  • 12. LJ Kruzer – Tam8+ei4 / England [1:02]
  • 13. Kharkov – Folkal / Australia [5:34]
  • 14. Mokira – Seven Ply / Sweden [7:16]
  • 15. Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood – Precognition / Australia [2:14]

img: Nyalee (via Flickr, Creative Commons)

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