Guido | 29 Minute Mix


As promo shots goes, this is one of my favourites for a long time – Guido‘s obviously going for that so-hot-right-now ‘serial killer in the bedroom’ chic. Hailing from Bristol, a city well-renowned for dubstep innovators such as Pinch, Peverelist, Atki2 and Joker, Guido opts for the path-less-obvious in this tight mix. Largely comprised of his own productions, Guido drops slices of funky, wonky R&B and garage in amongst the low-end excursions and rolling avalanches of cluttered beats. Tidy work.

Guido – 29 Minute Mix | sendspace

tantalized – guido
beautiful complication – guido, aarya & ruthless
chakra – guido
you do it right – guido
orchestral lab- guido
johnny 5 – gemmy
mad sax – guido
do it! – joker
tango – guido
digidesign – joker

Ghoul | A Mouthfull Of Gold EP


One thing that I’ve been guilty of lately is the lack of insight into the musical scene in my own backyard. With taste buds fixed firmly on multiple flavours from all corners of the globe, it’s easy to be blinkered to the plate of pancakes right under your nose. Let me rectify that in ’09.

The surface veneer of Sydney’s music scene suggests a few things to the casual street press reader: belated attempts to recapture the essence of ‘pure rock’, post-punk, electro and many more tried and tested genres besides. Forgive Sydney such hipster ambitions, its true soul lies elsewhere. Striking an ice-pick blow to such a veneer can reveal a great deal more complexity.

Ghoul strike out from beneath the surface with an EP (“A Mouthfull Of Gold”) that stands in defiance to everything around it, and as each track on the free release ticks by, each seems to stand in defiance of its neighbour. The sparse, electronic minimalism of ‘Swimming Pool’ is the best platform to showcase Ivan Vizintin’s semi-falsetto vocals (swiftly drawing inescapable references to Antony Hegarty), contrasting with the baffling yet engaging lo-fi blues swagger of ‘Serbian’. Elsewhere, we find proto-industrial sounds on ‘Fuck Math’ whilst ‘Mouthfull Of Gold’ rounds off a tight, abstract synth excursion with a brief clutter of post-rock. It’s an unpredictable clutch of sounds, a remarkable and undoubtely refreshing EP – one that certainly helps to reaffirm our faith in Sydney’s potential to confound rather than conform.

Ghoul – Fuck Math | mp3

Ghoul – Swimming Pool | mp3

Download the EP for free at Ghoul play live for nix with nine other bands as part of Oxford Art Factory’s ‘Ten For Free’, this Saturday (3rd): info

Taliesin | Aprecity Mix


Compiled for the Bassfaced blog, Dutty Artz member Taliesin drops a beautifully eclectic mix featuring a diverse range of cuts from Dutty signing Mr. Jahdan Blakkamoore, via Kelis, Saigon and Flying Lotus, to an old-school recording of a Gnostic Mass from hellboy Aleister Crowley. Unique.

In the accompanying communique, Taliesin also gives us the heads up on the next Dutty Artz release, Jahdan’s debut album: “start to finish one of the best vocalist centered albums I’ve ever heard. PERIOD”. Consider my breath baited.

Taliesin – Aprecity Mix | mp3 or zshare

Nguzunguzo – Hate2wait (Kingdom Refix)
“?????” – Kubo Remix
Dev79 – In Ya Face
CardoPusher – Low End Legacy
Vybz Kartel – Empire Army
Dead Prez – Politrikkks
Wisp – Whisper
Thark – Apatia
BD-1982 – Seeing Orange
Connor- Belles
Aleister Crowley – Gnostic Mass
Duran Duran Duran – Unholy Dracula Vagina Alien
Flying Lo – RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly)
David Banner – Shawty Say (feat. Weezy)
Saigon – Come on Baby (Inst.)
Mali – Pale Twop
Shit Mat – Big Ben’s Big Remix
Jahdan Blakkamoore – Bus it Pon Dem
Small Professor – Kelis

Where’s Your Mate In 2008?


I had to write it down somewhere for posterity – the obligatory “best of”, in no particular order, for the last tropical year (including many 2007 releases that rolled in late). Slate clean, here’s to ’09.

pic: Ellen Allien by Michael Mann

THE BUG ‘London Zoo’
ITAL TEK ‘Cyclical’
LEILA ‘Blood, Looms & Blooms’
2562 ‘Aerial’
TUSSLE ‘Cream Cuts’
DFA / SUPERSOUL ‘Nobody Knows Anything: DFA Presents SuperSoul’
DUSK & BLACKDOWN ‘Margins Music’
EL REMELON ‘Pibe Cosmo’
ZOMBY ‘Where Were U In 92?’
RONG MUSIC / DFA ‘Notwave’
STATIC DISCOS ‘Safety Stock’
FIRST AID KIT ‘Drunken Trees’
FLYING LOTUS ‘Los Angeles’
FANTASTIKOI HXOI ‘Kyriarxoi Tou Sympantos’
SKULL DISCO ‘Soundboy’s Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals’
ACTRESS ‘Hazyville’
FREE BLOOD ‘Singles’
MEGASOID ‘Speed Knots Vol.1’
EL GUINCHO ‘Alegranza’
SAUL WILLIAMS ‘The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!’
MOCHIPET ‘Microphonepet’
APPARAT ‘Things To Be Frickled’
DJC & ZULU ‘Gods & Robots’

Zomby | Where Were U in 92? Mixtape


Where was I in 92? Earning a living for the first time in my life, and thus both shacked up in an apartment in Partick with more weed than Cheech or Chong, and making regular forays to Edinburgh to ‘access the shapes’ in front of the speaker stack at ‘Pure’. Yes, 92 was a vintage year.

I’m fully aware that pounding deeper back into the 90s put me at risk of sounding like a ravetastic hasbeen – however, despite best efforts, it seems I’m powerless to stop myself from being dragged back there. M.I.A. asked me (directly, natch) the question very nicely last year on Kala’s ‘XR2’, and Zomby once again pestered me on this year’s Werk debut of the same name. What goes around, comes around, and sure as fate, it slaps you in the face with a dayglo brick.

Zomby‘s ‘Where Were U in 92?’ is an unadulterated, 100% more hypercolour than hypercolour, Italo-piano stabbing plummet back to those halycon days; almost impossible to consume without experiencing a rush of adrenalised nostaligia to the head. This Dazed & Confused mixtape gives you just the right ’92 hit that you need to make the appalling spectacle of Chrissmukkah all the more bearable. Insert into ears and dance like an atheistic lunatic this Xmas day.

Zomby – Where Were U in 92? Mixtape | mp3

New Cumbia | El Remolon, Fauna, Chancha Via Circuito, El Hijo De La Cumbia

This round up of new cumbia from the back half of 2008 almost made the cut for a possible relaunch of Fat Planet back in October, but Discontent beat that idea to the finish line and this post was shelved.  As an early Xmas treat, I think the artists herein deserve a seasonal re-up:

C3F5751A-9400-49A3-A988-09BBAD89E486.jpg D3AB0658-FCF9-40C6-BD50-28CDB8DDF915.jpg 51D69301-3DB3-48F8-9380-E8B805E09FF1.jpg

Whilst artists such as Nortec Collective have been transposing old world Latin American rhythms onto new world electronica for many years, El Remolon (Andres Schteingart) was one of the first of the ‘new wave’ of cumbia that drifted into the ether in 2007 – a wave that was largely focussed almost entirely in Buenos Aries, and almost entirely around one club, Zizek. Fitting then, that as Zizek morphed their ambitions into ZZK Records earlier in 2008, El Remolon was one of their first releases. The result – ‘Pibe Cosmo’ – is far less obvious than you might expect and the sample plunderphonics that mire other fusion attempts are almost entirely absent. Schteingart’s previous electronic back catalogue (including work as Drole) has stood him in good stead – he clutches the cumbia sensibility to his heart, but the output is uniquely electronic, minimal and understated. ‘Pibe Cosmo’ is prefaced with this mixtape from Schteingart featuring tracks from the album, as well as a couple of remixes and mashes (feat. Princesa, Jahcoozi & Mochipet).

ZZK Mixtape Vol. 4 – El Remolon Pibe Cosmomp3 [Buy ‘Pibe Cosmo’]

The Argentinean duo Fauna (Federico Rodríguez and Cristian Del Negro) were also an excellent choice to kick off ZZK’s catalogue. Whilst the production is a great deal more organic than ‘Pibe Cosmo’, it’s certainly no less innovative. It’s less a technical display of new hybrids, and more of a sandbox for Fauna to simply position themselves as filters of multiple local influences – whether that be dancehall, funk carioca, reggaeton or cumbia itself. The gruff vocal components only add to the off-kilter oddity that has been birthed here – titled ‘La Manita de Fauna’ or ‘Fauna’s Little Hand’. Daleduro steps up for production duties on the promotional mixtape.

ZZK Mixtape Vol 3 – Fauna Megamix by Daleduromp3 [Buy ‘La Manita de Fauna’]

ZZK’s trio closes with Chancha Via Circuito‘s ‘Rodante’. In his CVC guise, Chancha Vía Circuito has adopted the looped, rhythmical treatments that his name (culled from a local train service) suggests. Tracks generally start with one or two sounds or samples, looped continuously and hurrying along in this vein, with often little change in texture or tempo. A casual listen might numb you to some of the depths of ‘Rodante’, thankfully contributing vocalists such as Princesa and Dutty Artz’s Jahdan Blakkamoore (replaying CVC’s contribution to his ‘We Are Raiders’ EP) continually break in and out – not enough to derail the train concept entirely, but certainly a welcome change of scenery.

ZZK Mixtape Vol.2 Chancha Vía Circuitomp3 [Buy ‘Rodante’]


Cumbia purists will find most pleasure in ‘Freestyle De Ritmos’ from El Hijo De La Cumbia. Released on dj/Rupture’s Soot Records imprint, Chimango Selektah’s productions are infused with a over a decade’s worth of work within the cumbia sonidera genre. As dj/Rupture notes in a forthcoming interview with ‘discontent’, the ZZK producers are generally adding cumbian flavours to their electronica work, however with El Hijo De La Cumbia, the process is essentially reversed. The results naturally sound far more diverse, the sheer range of influences that Chimango draws from is impressive – the fact that he successfully masters all of them simultaneously, and bends them to his will, is somewhat breath-taking. The African vocal that drops into the cumbia-tech production ‘El Ghetto Va A Mover’ feels absolutely at home, almost necessary, as it floats over a chugging cumbia rhythm.

Pobresita La Cumbia Mix Hip Hopmp3 [Buy ‘Freestyle De Ritmos‘]

Pivot | Cities


I’m over 2008 already. In fact, two months ago I bought a 2009 diary and I’ve been using it ever since. My personal indignation about all that was unfavourable in 2008 is surely not replicated by Australia’s Pivot. By anyone’s standards, they’ve had an outstanding year: signed to Warp Records, released a sensational album (‘O Soundtrack My Heart’), had an EP remixed by Clark and Rustie, played with Sigur Ros, toured the world. And that was just yesterday afternoon. With so little left to prove, I suspect 2009 might be a quiet one for Pivot. No, sorry, they’re touring Australia next month with Gary Numan – my mistake.

As if their schedule wasn’t rammed to the hilt already, the overachievers also found time to make their own podcast mix series, ‘O Download My Heart’ featuring songs and sounds inspired by their activities over the last twelve months. ‘Cosmic Gods Of Synth’ gave us their tribute to the keyboard wizards of yesteryear (Jean Michel Jarre being reawoken for that one, presumably with his light harp intact), ‘Australian Music’ thankfully reappraised all that is cited worldwide about the Aussie scene, and ‘Autobahn Favourites’ was a 200kph ride through Krautrock old and new. The latest episode ‘Cities’ records their “European Odyssey” with a themed podcast featuring Steve Reich, Trans Am, Flying Lotus, Talking Heads and Scott Walker. One hopes that’s the last instalment in the series – they’re making the rest of us look slack by comparison.

Pivot – Cities | mp3

Subscribe to Pivot podcast series via

The Long Lost | Woebegone (Flying Lotus’ Luckiest Charm)


When Alfred Darlington is not making late-night booty calls on his Casio under the Deadelus alias, it seems that he’s dolling himself up in turn-of-the-19th-century attire and making sweet, acoustic peans to love with his wife Laura. Whilst it might sound like something he should be doing behind closed doors, it is in fact the story of The Long Lost – a project that has been through various stages of gestation over the last decade and is now priming its debut release, ‘Woebegone’, on Ninja Tune.

Cut across the spectrum to this year’s ‘Los Angeles’ release from Flying Lotus, or back to his ‘1983’ album, and you’ve already infused Laura Darlington’s beautiful vocals on ‘Unexpected Delight’ and ‘Auntie’s Lock’ respectively – and there’s also a not-unexpected turn on the closing track of this year’s Deadelus album ‘Love To Make Music To’. Given this long-standing relationship with Mr Fly-Lo, it’s only fitting that he return the favour with two remixes of ‘Woebegone’, one of which drops below. Dovetailing relationships aside, this drifts in like a prize off-cut from ‘Los Angeles’, all shuffling percussion and rising arpeggios, and Darlington’s light lilt draped over the top like wafer-thin gold-plate.

The Long Lost – Woebegone (Flying Lotus’ Luckiest Charm) | mp3

Buy ‘Woebegone’ from Ninja Tune. A second single from the Santa Monica duo, titled ‘Amiss’, is due in February featuring versions from Tuung (described as a “clog stomper” of a remix), Fink and Computer Jay, and a full album lands in March.

Fever Ray | If I Had A Heart

The Knife‘s ‘Silent Shout’ remains as good as it sounded right from day one – dark, fucked up, dramatic gothtronica, that is in turns both desperately sad and perversely beautiful. ‘We Share Our Mother’s Health’ remains one of the most bleak and morose electro-pop songs yet committed to tape, but with her Knife offshoot project Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer Andersson seems determined to plunge still further into the darkness.

The lead single “If I Had A Heart” (released today on The Knife’s Rabid Records via 7Digital, Beatport and Klicktrack) borrows much of the vocal styles that Karin employed on ‘Silent Shout’ – the screwed, wound-down slow-mo treatment, dropped here in tandem with Karin’s untreated voice. As a precursor for the self-titled album due on March 21st, and a proposed live show being prepared in tandem, it offers those with a Knife-shaped hole in their heart some hope to lean into.

ZôL | Syphillisupastar


French label Jarring Effects deserve their little red blip on the electronic / dub / booty / weird radar to glow a few shades stronger. Having curated artists such as Scorn, Ez3kiel, Sibot, High Tone and L’Oeuf Raide over the last ten years, they’ve recently augmented the roster with South Africa’s Playdoe, Filastine, Von Magnet and Ben Sharpa – smart and talented people, one and all. Back in July 2007, they launched the JFX Bits Compilation series, offering free download compilations that not only served as overly-abundant trawls through their catalogue; but also remarkably gelled together as unique, end-to-end narratives in their own right.

JFX Bits #3 has arrived just in time for the festive season, and is the best collection yet. Cracked, wonky hip hop sits next to downbeat Middle Eastern salutes; dark, gothtronica next to dubplate polemics. Opti & Ohmwerk and Tony Oheix‘s contributions are highlights that almost made the cut into this post, but it was ZôL‘s electro booty monster that finally took pole position – mainly due to the fact that they deserve props for attempting to rehabilitate the most charming STD of all, and foist it into the glare of the spotlight, the red carpet and the flashing bulbs of the papparazi.  What’s next – Herpes Hero? Leprosy Lover?

ZôL – Syphillisupastar (Borgias Edit) | mp3

Download the full compilation at Donations encouraged.

Fantastikoi Hxoi | Kyriarxoi Tou Sympantos


Of course, I fully accept that I could well be out of my tiny mind.

I’m currently listening to a track culled from recordings made in Greece in the 1960s. A track that has apparently been requantified and recontextualised as the Hardcore Continuum meets Sigur Ros in a tiny drum’n’bass bar – with only a moog, a kettle and a pair of spoons for instruments. And I think there’s a small tribe of mice dancing nearby (off their tits, natch). With a dearth of digital information in English it’s hard to tell, but whatever it is, it’s beautiful. We do know it’s called ‘Kyriarxoi Tou Sympantos’ and it’s by Fantastikoi Hxoi. And there’s a double album’s worth of similar fantasies waiting to be downloaded for free at a blog written entirely in Greek. God bless the internet, and – once again – god bless the blog kids at 20JFG for the signpost, and for squirting liquid acid in our morning tea.

Fantastikoi Hxoi – Kyriarxoi Tou Sympantos | mp3

Filastine | B’talla


As an itinerant annalist of a melange of sounds from around the world, Filastine has little or no equal. From the first moment that he drafted a set of sticks as drummer for Seattle’s Tchkung! in 1990s, through his life as rebel leader of the “tactical mobile rhythmic unit” Infernal Noise Brigade through to the 2006 Filastine debut, ‘Burn It’ – Grey Filastine has forgone convention in favour of confrontation. The collage of sounds, philosophies, ideas and cultures that once again spring to attention in the new full-length ‘Dirty Bomb’ come off as an uncompromising, unfettered alternative soundtrack to Life On Earth.

Grey points out that there were no “canned loops” or “mail-order vocals” – acoustic instruments and vocals were sourced, discussed, recorded and bound to hard drive in collaborative sessions. Sweeping through Bucharest, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Bangladesh, Sydney, Granada and Marrakesh, ‘Dirty Bomb’ uniquely treats these original recordings as the source samples that are then dragged mercilessly through layers of processing, and landing somewhere altogether new and hitherto undiscovered. ‘B’atalla’ features Rabah from French / Algerian hip hop crew MBS, who – on this one track alone – raps in French, English, Berber, Arabic and Spanish.

Filastine – B’talla (feat. Rabah) | mp3

In collaboration with with DJ/Rupture’s Soot records and Post World Industries, ‘Dirty Bomb’ also marks the first release for Australia’s ‘Uber Lingua‘ label – the natural extension of the DJ, VJ, MC and live collective that has been largely responsible for introducing a new vision of contemporary and alternative ‘global’ music into the aural culture of the country. Aus / NZ residents can buy ‘Dirty Bomb’ now from and can also look forward to a Filastine tour (including appearances at the Sydney Festival), in tandem with Maga Bo, in January.

Previous Filastine, Infernal Noise Brigade and Tchkung! releases available via Post World Industries.

Download another track from ‘Dirty Bomb’, ‘Fitnah’ (featuring Jessika Skeletalia Kenney) at Pitchfork.

Harmonic 313 | Dirtbox


Mark Pritchard is a very naughty boy.

Aside from the fact that Mark has given us a taste of what might have happened if Gary Numan had invented dubstep, ‘Dirtbox’ is – in no uncertain terms – pure, low-end, smear it on your face, dirty, dirty bass. Hallelujah.

Thankfully, the former Reload / Global Communications / Jedi Knight and all round good fellow emigrated to Sydney some time ago, which means that we’ve had an opportunity to pop ourselves filthy to his bass-killing sets for quite some time. Even then, we knew it was a foretaster of what was to come – and finally, it falls to Earth with a crater-gouging thud. ‘Dirtbox’ is ripped from the EP of the same name, available via the angelic people at Warp Records, download at

Harmonic 313 – Dirtbox | mp3

Visit Mr. P on MurdochSpace.

Burial | Archangel (Phaseone Remix)


Lest we forget how unique Burial‘s ‘Untrue’ album was, Missouri’s Phaseone emerges with a beautiful, buzzing remix that retains the spirit of the original whilst drip-feeding a quiet, anthemic quality throughout. Smart.

Burial – Archangel (Phaseone Remix) | mp3

Download Phaseone’s ‘Mad Eight’ collection of 48 (count them) short instrumental tracks here.

(Thanks to Gorilla Vs Bear for the heads up)

First Aid Kit | Tiger Mountain Peasant Song


A few months back, the YouTube clip for Swedish duo First Aid Kit and their cover of Fleet Foxes‘ ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ skipped round the world-wide-eyed web like the world-wide wildfire. Such is the love for Fleet Foxes, such is the love for the fact that they were signing it in the middle of a forest, and such is the the strength and savage roar that First Aid Kit bring to the track. Savagery that’s all the more remarkable given that they’re two teenage sisters from Stockholm who run marathons and love Gary Numan. Klara and Johanna Söderberg confess to not only loving the Numanoid but also have a penchant for Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, which explains how they might have come to write such intense yet delicate songs, yet fails to capture the story of the honey-flecked, bear-like growl that posits them as a DNA mutation, birthed via a netherworld tryst between Cocorosie and Johnny Cash.

The album, ‘Drunken Trees’, is rather fittingly released via The Knife’s Rabid Records label (availably digitally), and will be given a UK reissue next February via Wichita – complete with the Fleet Foxes cover (which you can also download below), and a DVD featuring more tracks sung in that Swedish forest. Last week they were given the oddly dubious nomination of “Most Promising Swedish Act On MySpace” and you can give them your vote-love via their MurdochSpace blog.

First Aid Kit – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song | mp3 (mediafire link)

Hudson Mohawke | Polkadot Blues


It feels like only last week that I posted about Hudson Mohawke, but in truth it was much, much longer than that – almost two whole weeks in fact. But never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and never one for knowing what that actually means, a tasty Xmas titbit arrived in the mailbox this very morn and who am I to deny the spirit of Xmas giving? And, not only that, Hudson deserves a second bite of the cherry due to the excellence of his live(ish) set in Sydney and the general feeling of downtempo well-being that he exuded from his daytime set on FBi a few hours prior.

His debut Warp EP ‘Polyfolk Dance’ lands 19th January, two tracks are available to download now from the Bleepmasters @ Bleep, one of which is also available a few millimeters below.

Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues | zshare

Mo Hud Mo:

Lukid | FACTMix


Amongst the forthcoming onslaught of end-of-year lists (and after the blizzard of throaty rock magazine lists that have already appeared on Stereogum), I’m hoping for a few new categories, some new thoughts, new foundation principles. I might even start a few on my own, such as ‘Best Label That I Didn’t Think I Knew Very Well Until I Realised I Owned Most Of Their Back Catalogue’. This award, this week, goes to Werk Discs.

Way back in the midst of whenever, I spent a lot of time writing about Sweden’s Stacs Of Stamina, and even more time beating listeners over the head with them on the Fat Planet radio show. Their 2005 Werk album ‘Tivoli’ (feat. Earz and TTC) is still a masterstroke, and the pinnacle, of the came-and-went made-up genre of Eurocrunk. Werk also threw out the delicious ‘Grim Dubs’ series, featuring Atki2 and his alias Monkey Steak, the glorious digi-dub album ‘Foundation Bit’ from Disrupt, Lukid‘s ‘Now EP’ featuring a clattering, wonky refix from Hudson Mohawke and the ravetastic retrovisionary recent drop from Zomby, ‘Where Were U In 92?’. Stellar, each and all, I’m breathless just typing the list. And after all that, there’s the not-insignificant matter of the new release from label boss Darren Cunningham, aka Actress, titled ‘Hazyville’.

But it’s to London kid Lukid we (re)turn, celebrating the release of his second album ‘Foma’ – promoted with a smart mix for FACT magazine and the admission that he’s been “listening to these [album] tracks for so long now that I don’t know if they are good or not anymore”. If this mix is anything to go by, they’re a smart bet for the next Award I decide to make up.

Lukid – FACTMix | Sendspace Download

1. Samoyed – Fuck
2. Autechre – Drane
3. Actress – Redit 124
4. Fluent – Crazy
5. Ssuave – Scotty’s Pikachu Beat
6. James Pants – She’s Out of My Life (Dub)
7. Jana Hunter – The New Sane Scramble
8. Agape – Rejoice
9. Orchestre PolyRhythmo De Cotonou Dahomey – Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome
10. Panda Bear – Young Prayer
11. Lukid – Untitled
12. Theo Parrish – Love Triumphant
13. Fuzz Face – Brainswapper
14. Dabrye – Get Dirty (Instrumental)
15. Dorian Concept – Chocolate Milk
16. Lukid – Chord

Telepathe vs 20JFG | Devil’s Trident


20 Jazz Funk Greats is consistently one of the best music blogs out there, and I use the phrase “out there” with due consideration. Never ones to follow any particular sense of grounded narrative or wish to serve us anything as quaint as untainted information, the text that swims with every 20JFG post is almost as good as the music itself. Almost. Much of what lands on 20JFG lands there alone, I’ve yet to find many other references in the Blogverse to Little Claw, Oneohtrix Point Never, Gyratory Systems, Fan Death or Tanlines – maybe I’m just reading the wrong kind of blogs. And if 20JFG did one amazing thing in 2008, it was revealing the majesty of Pocohaunted. Bless ’em.

This week, it feels as if 20JFG have gone positively freaking mainstream by curating a remix EP for Telepathe – a duo that have had many one and zeros committed in their favour to WordPress over the last 12 months. That said, their recent ‘Chrome’s On It’ remix EP was particularly impressive (check the standout Free Blood remix below), with even Mad Decent pulling out a curious and rather fine non-Baltimore-banging remix.

Telepathe – Bells (Free Blood Remix) | mp3 (via The Fader)

Telepathe – Devil’s Trident (Original Version) | mp3

The 20JFG Remix project features a 12″ (preorder @ Merok) with four mixes of ‘Devil’s Trident’ from Mi Ami, Planningtorock and Teengirl Fantasy, plus newly commissioned video pieces from 20JFG most-loved creative types. [Updated] This one, for the Planningtorock remix, is directed by Dario Pena.
Telepathe – Devil´s Trident (Planningtorock Remix) from Darío Peña on Vimeo.

Hudson Mohawke | Mary Anne Hobbs Session


Glaswegian upstart Hudson Mohawke (aka Hud Mo, aka Ross Birchard) lands in Sydney tomorrow night, ahead of his Warp records release ‘Polyfolk Dance’ on January 19th. Hudson’s early work is rooted in the ‘Heralds Of Change’ project with co-hort Mike Slott, who now joins HudMo as part of the ‘Lucky Me’ stable – who also count fellow Scots boy Rustie amongst their number. Together, the ‘Lucky Me’ clan have given the hip hop, R&B, electronica and dubstep scenes a much-needed kick up the backside, fusing all genres together and cutting’n’splicing with a glee that would put William Burroughs to shame. Part of the joy in all of this is that it never feels like the game-changing output was intentional, or that the iconoclastic reference-points were deliberately chosen – there’s a fresh, fluid, semi-accidental feel to ‘Lucky Me’, and it’s something to be fully embraced with a death-like bear hug.

Tomorrow night at The Civic Underground in the city of Sydney (Cnr Pitt & Goulburn St), I’ll be playing an appropriately early DJ support at 10:30 in my role as ‘old enough to be HudMo’s father’. Rounding out the bill: El Gusto (Hermitude), Bec Paton, Jonny Faith and Monk Fly. $20 on the door.

Hudson Mohawke – Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental Session (July 2008) | mp3

Aardvarck – ‘Water’ (Nod Navigators)
Mammal Ft Chris Brown/TPain – ‘Kiss Kiss’ (Mo Twrk)
Hudson Mo – ‘Zo0o0m’ (unreleased 2006)
Hudson Mo – ‘Open Lock’ (unreleased 2005)
HoC – ‘Work That’ (All City)
Hudson Mo – ‘Girders loop’ (unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Returning’ (Unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Dip It Low’ (unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Sequon loop’ (unreleased 2006)
Nas ft Keri Hilson – ‘Hero Instrumental’
MonoPoly – ‘MS20’
American Men – ‘Cool Snake’
James Pants – ‘Blowjob’
Damfunk – ‘Thank You’
Mike Slott – ‘Sumz’ (unreleased 2008)
Hudson Mo – ‘Polkadot Blues’ (Warp)
Harmonic 313 – ‘El n Kat rough mixx’
Hudson Mo – ‘Spotted’ intro
Hudson Mo – ‘Butterfat’ (unreleased 2007)
Rustie/Joker – ‘Play Doe’
Hudson Mo – ‘500 loop’
Heralds of Change – ‘Bopgunn’ (All City)
Hudson Mo – ‘YoNard’ (Warp)

Wadadda & FS Dan | Moralny Hazard


Portuguese netlabel, Enough Records, by rough count have clocked up 197 releases since their inception; a collection that would take many days (weeks even) to review, although first impressions suggest that such aural punishment might actually be worth it. My first bite of their cherry is ‘Enough Dubs’, an impressive collection of dubstep from Finland (Takomo), Germany (Dipswitch, 2Krazy, Discreat, Desmond Denker, Wadadda) and the U.S. (DZ).

Once again proving the point that dubstep variations exist far beyond the boundaries of old London town, my stake for the jewel in the ‘Enough Dubs’ crown is German producer Wadadda’s contribution “Moralny Hazard” featuring Polish MC, FS Dan. The blend of the sharp Polish language and inflections with a tabla-infused deep bass wobble is something quite unique, a less frenetic though nonetheless compelling side-step from the burgeoning Polish dancehall scene.

Wadadda & FS Dan – Moralny Hazard | mp3

Enough Dubs | info & album download