mp3: MAGA BO blentwell podcast (via blentwell)

i’ve been reading rio-based maga bo‘s adventures in the sonic wilderness for some time, over at the kolleidosonic blog. much like his fellow soot labelmate and sonar calibradio sound system collaborator, filastine, maga bo‘s creative process involves lengthy excursions outside of his homeland, most recently through central and south america, africa and the middle east. local collaborations and artistic explorations throughout these regions are pivotal to the development of maga bo’s work; the roots of which are often posted on kolleidosonic and the results of which can now be found on the new ‘confusion of tongues’ mixtape and accompanying twelves.

as you can expect, we’re entering an arena where no definitions are sacred, where international sounds and rhythms are passed down the generations to intersect with hip hop, ragga, drum’n’bass, dancehall and so much more. the mixtape features new productions with mcs such as pee froiss (senegal) and bigg & k-libre (morocco) amongst many others. the two twelves feature mixes from dr das (asian dub foundation), dj/rupture‘s nettle project and ghislain poirier. get it now via boomkat or midheaven.

in addition to the two excellent mixes above, bo has also contributed a new mix as the first cab off the ranks in the ‘world up mixtape’ series – an incredible, high-speed run through forty-five tracks, skipping from brazil and jamaica, to senegal and angola, and many more points on the compass, meeting k’naan, dj/rupture, buraka som sistema, vybz kartel, diplo and even kelis along the way. stream the mixtape at

and if you need further mixes to satiate your internationalist craving, check another new mix over at spannered as well as sambacana – a monthly online radio show curated by bo and decidated to exposing a incredible diversity of brazilian music. hit the archives at



mp3: STEED LORD dirty mutha (crookers remix) (zshare)

mp3: STEED LORD dirty mutha (triple zut remix) (zshare)

mp3: STEED LORD you (klever the killer remix) (zshare)

mp3: PURPLE CRUSH vacation (steed lord remix)

while we’re talking crookers (see yesterday), here’s their remix of iceland’s electro-rave quartet, steed lord – along with some other top shelf remixes from frenchman triple zut and atlanta’s dj klever. rounding off the package, a mix of brooklyn’s purple crush that the band describe as “scandanavian gabba booty rave”.

you can find the original version of ‘dirthy mutha’ on this fat planet post, with more info on “the lord”.



mp3: CROOKERS feat MC LEKA para de gra√?inha (euro crunk mix)

italian duo crookers, aka bot and phra, may have released scarce few tunes into the ether as yet, but their reputation is certainly building. following a few early remixes (including a mix of stefano fontana that was picked up by pete tong), ‘aguas de parco’ dropped to blogs last year and was finally given a full release by big sur last month. blending the rhythm and intensity of baile funk with a harder euro-tech flavour, it was one of the early indications that carioca funk could well leave the confines of brazil and work its way into the wider, global consciousness.

this new crookers track, ‘para de gracinha’, is ripped from the forthcoming ‘funk mundial #3’ release from man recordings. it follows on from two excellent volumes in the series from stereotyp and sinden & herve – and parallels the similarly excellent ‘baile funk masters series’ from the label. the full release features rio mc leka, renowned for her appearances at the local ‘caldeirao’ street bailes, alongside mc dandao from vila lage, cited as “one of the original hot beds of baile funk”. more info at stream another excellent fidget-funk track from the release, ‘atomic baile boy’, over at crookers’ murdochspace.

more crookers action over at discobelle where they’ve upped a mix that features a chunk of crookers productions with additional mixes from switch, trevor lovey, speaker junk, herve and more. and while you’re out there, i recommend grabbing ‘aguas de parco’ from itunes too.



did you see that recent south park episode where cartman couldnǃÙt contain his excitement about the imminent release of the nintendo wii, so much so that he tried to deep freeze himself until the launch date? ok, now replace cartman with me and the wii with bjorkǃÙs ǃÚvoltaǃ٠– released into the world on may 7. i reckon i could survive ten days at minus thirty degrees if it means that i won’t chew my fingers off in anticipation.

just to remind us that we’re all getting far older than we’d like, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of the sugarcubes’ ǃÚbirthdayǃÙ. a full two decades have passed since i sat in my bedroom, doing my school homework, with radio one’s annie nightingale as the soundtrack. i recall exactly the moment when annie dropped ‘birthday’ and bjork tripped through my speakers for the first time. it might sound as pretentious as all hell, but it did literally feel like time had stopped. to this day, that voice and that recording both stand the test of time, and it remains one of my top ten tracks. the less said about fellow ‘cube-member einar’s vocal contribution, the better. i really don’t like lobsters.

skip forward twenty years, and bjork’s new single, ǃÚearth intrudersǃÙ, signals a turning point in her solo career. through ‘vespertine’, ‘medulla’ and 2005’s ‘drawing restraint’, bjork became increasingly internalised – themes, lyrics and sounds all became quiet, insular and tiny. and yet here in 2007, she’s pulled the brakes on that particular journey and the extroverted exuberance and joy that characterised the ‘post’ album back in 1995 has seemingly returned. that’s not to say that bjork is eating herself, far from it – the contributions of artists such as congo’s konono no.1 and antony hegarty should ensure that bjork’s got enough external influences to keep pushing things forward.

as a precursor to the album release, we can satiate our desires (and thus temper the need for cartman-esque hibernation) with a series of official video podcasts, prising open the door with refreshing candour, as bjork reveals the forces that now drive her creativity. and if thatǃÙs not enough for us, the announcement of a lengthy world tour suggests that ms gudmundsd√≥ttir will be playing at your house sometime soon.

video: volta podcast – part one

video: volta podcast – part two

video: volta podcast – part three

the journey itself is home – official volta tour blog



mp3: SANY PITBULL future funk express mixtape

if you require a weekly dose of new baile funk mixes, you’ll find your needs satiated at ‘carioca funk clube‘, an endless parade of new brazilian jams upped directly by the likes of sany pitbull and sandrinho. this week’s excursion is a new mixtape from sany, featuring many of his own productions and remixes. i’m certainly intrigued by the promise of a ‘be-more shake’ of bambaata. here’s the full listing:

1. FUNK ALEM√…O ÇƒÏ Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
2. ARABIA ÇƒÏ Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
3. TIROTEIO – Sany Pitbull
4. MONOTOM rmx – Sany Pitbull
5. REBOLA O RESBOLAH ÇƒÏ Comunidade Ninjitsu
6. Madonna HANG UP rmx – Sany Pitbull
7. MEXICANO – Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
8. FAROESTE – Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
9. Afrika Bambaata BE MORE SHAKE rmx ÇƒÏ Marcos Carnaval e dj Mavi (Tommy Boy)
10. Edu K part. Deize Tigrona SEX-O-MATIC rmx ǃÏSany Pitbull e dj Mavi (Man Recordings)
11. HALLOWEEN rmx ÇƒÏ Sany Pitbull
12. TRIBOS ÇƒÏ Sany Pitbull e Ded√© dj (Carioca Funk Clube)
13. ROCK TAMBORZ√…O com Cissa Milay ÇƒÏ Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)
14. BATUQUEIRO ÇƒÏ Sany Pitbull (Carioca Funk Clube)



mp3: DIGITALISM digitalism promo mix

there was a moment back then, back in late 05 / early 06, when it seemed like digitalism were everywhere. it was impossible to turn a corner without bumping into a digitalism remix – munk, tom vek, klaxons, daft punk, tiga, test icicles, presets, cut copy etc. each one came complete with it’s own stamp of quality was partnered with another story of digitalism’s epic dj sets from around the globe.

with the benefit of twelve months hindsight, it’s sad to say that the fruits of digitalism’s early labour can now be heard in countless other copyists, taking what was a fascinating riff on dirty electro and flogging it mercilessly with a bunch of tired filters. and so, as we near the mid-point of 2007, we’re entering a period of electro-banger-fatigue – where our critical faculties have been so overwhelmed by this genre behemoth, that it’s hard to remain objective.

it’s therefore an opportune moment for digitalism to drop their debut album – an opportune moment to remind us of what we got excited about in the first place. standing tall amidst the maelstrom, ‘ idealism’ drops on may 21st, preceded by the single ‘pogo’ on may 7th. if the single is anything to go by, the album may well defy expectations – ‘pogo’ artfully blends the old and new, a post-punk vocal track and new order bassline rub shoulders with their trademark angular electro production. tom vek fans should be taking note right about now.

the german duo – isi and jens – originally met at the hamburg record store ‘underground solution’. spurred on by the success of their first release (a re-edit of the white stripes ‘seven nation army’), their follow up twelve featured their first original composition – ‘idealistic’. once that had found its way into the boxes of the likes of erol alkan, it pricked the attention of parisian label kitsune, who took the bull by the proverbials and issued ‘zdarlight’ into the ether. that track now stands as a definitive moment in this short genre history – triangulating electro, rock and acid, with one of the best mid-track drops in a long, long time.

to promote the release of ‘idealism’, those clever kids at kitsune sent us a mini-mixtape, a digitalism primer featuring eight examples of their finest remix work. here’s the full tracklisting:

01. EINZELLER – Schwarzfahrer (Digitalism Remix Dub) / BoysNoize Rec
02. SONO – A New Cage (Digitalism Remix) / PIAS
03. CAJUAN – Dance Not Dance (Digitalism Remix) / Fine
04. DAFT PUNK – Technologic (Digitalism Remix) / Virgin
05. CUT COPY – Going Nowhere (Digitalism Remix) / Modular/Island
06. MARTIN PETER – Psychoville (Digitalism Remix) / Angora Steel
07. TEST ICICLES – What’s Your Damage (Digitalism Remix) / Domino
08. TIGA – Far From Home (Digitalism Remix) / PIAS

check ‘pogo’ on digitalism’s murdochspace and preview the album via this ecard.

Fat Planet – Jimi Tenor (Finland)

DOWNLOAD: jimi tenor & rhythm taxi – moon goddess (live)

many moons ago i was introduced to the music of jimi tenor, the lounge lethario of finland. the album, seemingly presented on a gold lame platter, was ‘sahkomies’ and featured tracks that once heard, could never be forgotten. ‘travellin dem spaceways’ was one such song – a future jazz excursion into hidden galaxies that fired hitherto unknown triggers lurking withing the depths of the imagination. the other was the bright lounge techno of ‘take me baby’ – a track that wore a hard, poker face, complimented with a pair of bright orange knickers in the downstairs department.

tenor was making tech-lounge and space jazz at a time shortly prior to an explosion of clubs playing ‘ironic lounge music’. my problem with the latter wasn’t that i failed to see the inherent humour, it was simply that most of the music being made or being played was shockingly bad. tenor was therefore something of a breath of clean, scandanavian air – whilst adorning himself with the usual trappings of lounge iconography, he still made exceptionally good music and forged most of his albums in a cauldron of dark humour.

given his gift for steering his sofa on the right side of the credibility, it was somewhat unsurprising that warp records signed him for three albums in the mid-late 90s. since then, tenor has been weaving between electro jazz and funk and projects such as the impostor orchestra – an orchestral album that married an imaginary soundtrack with a collection of jingles for an interplanetary space station.

this year, tenor has dropped two albums with an african theme: ‘joystone’, a collaboration with west african trio kabu kabu, and ‘live in berlin’, a live, afrobeat rendering of his back catalogue, accompanied by rhythm taxi – former members of fela kuti’s band, ripped from the diaspora. recorded during the 2004 ‘beyond the stars’ tour, the results of this second release are typically tenor – a playful fusion of unlikely genres, guaranteed to induce involuntary movement in all the right places.

‘live in berlin’ is released today as a digital download from germany’s kitty-yo – also home to tenor’s previous releases ‘beyond the stars’ and ‘higher planes’. ‘joystone’ is released next week by sahko, licenced outside mainland europe to ubiquity. view the wonderfully odd ‘tenor in the jungle’ video clip below:



mp3: NUURO waiting (from ‘all clear’)

mp3: NUURO alone but¨Ü

mp3: NUURO edison melodies (from ‘in transit’)

when his debut album ‘all clear’ dropped late last year, names such as khonnor, the postal service and ben gibbard (death cab for cutie) were thrown in young alex ghersi’s direction. how do you deal with comparisons such as that when you’re a mighty sixteen years old? and if ghersi is indeed making music worthy of such bedfellows, then the question remains – where to from here?

after spending his teens working primarily in the field of graphic art, nuuro released ‘all clear’ via two eclectic labels: soundsister – home to other international electronica such as russia’s roman revitsky and mexico’s seeker who are lovers – and poni republic, a “free-music” netlabel who also play perfect host to the fluro-electro trio todosantos, also from caracas.

you can download nuuro’s 2005 ‘in transit’ ep here (sample the track ‘edison melodies’ above, featuring a sample from jose gonzales’ ‘remain’) and buy ‘all clear’ at darla and soundsister.

the track ‘alone but’ comes from and is featured as part of an interview nuuro, which you can read here.



mp3: M.I.A. chicken noodle flu (mad decent remix)

mad decent drops some m.i.a. remix heat, mixing portuguese kuduro crew, buraka som sistema with diplo & blaqstarr. the m.i.a. album, now titled ‘kala’, is rumoured to drop on june 25th. as for buraka, they’re prepping a reissue of an e.p. titled ‘wanabe’, featuring a remixed version of ‘wawaba’ (the original can be found on their ‘from buraka to the world’ release) and the new track ‘d-d-d-d-jay!’. check the stream of the new mix of ‘wawaba’ on their murdochspace.

Villa Diamante (Argentina)


more argentian excellence, this time from the blackside inc label, home to “strictly black music” and artists such as daleduro, loder, lucas luisao and arkd. villa diamante, the alias for producer diego balacio, has been dj-ing for the last three years and has already firmly established himself for this blend of hip hop, techno and his own mashups. his web site features a sweet range of blends that pair many of his fellow countrymen with international faces – for example, el remolon (see yesterday’s post) gets mashed with beyonce and jay z, gustavo cerati meets de la soul, ratatat vs alfonso el pintor and so forth.

the real revelation however is diamante’s track from the label compilation ‘blackside allstars vol.1’ – six tracks that mix drum’n’bass, dubstep, screwed ragga (courtesy of an oro11 remix) and diamante’s piece, simply titled ‘unknown’. this beautiful track (also a mash as far as i can tell) takes its cue direct from a dubstep / ragga tangent and then drops a vocal that sounds as is if it’s been ripped from the middle of the kalahari desert. the singer is mariana baraj, an argentinian vocalist and percussionist who works in an area she deems as ‘folklorica’ – variations on traditional, regional folk songs; which once again comes to the fore in this track.

you can also find the track and sixteen more on villa diamante’s new free-to-download album, ‘bailando se entiende la gente’. the formula is simple – the sources are part-american, part-argentinean, so whilst some of them appear familiar to a broader global audience, many will be falling on fresh ears. this combination works like a charm, especially on a track such as this one, blending producer daleduro (who also provides additional production across the release) with fellow argentinean mc, princesa; adding a healthy dash of missy’s ‘work it’ for extra spice:

DOWNLOAD: VILLA DIAMANTE daleduro vs pincesa vs missy elliott

take the plunge, and download the whole album for free here:

DOWNLOAD: VILLA DIAMANTE bailando se entiende la gente


01. Villa Diamante – Mariana Baraj vs Unknown whitelabel track
02.Villa Diamante – Daleduro vs Princesa vs Missy Elliott
03.Daleduro vs Villa Diamante – Lil Mama vs Beastie Boys
04.Villa Diamante – Gustavo Cerati vs De La Soul
05. La Mala Rodriguez feat Arianna Puello & Princesa (Diamante edit)
06.Villa Diamante – El Remol??n vs Beyonce & Jay Z
07.Villa Diamante – Fauna vs Black Eyed Peas
08.Piedras – Quiero Pare (diamante edit)
09.Sonido Martines vs Villa Diamante – Destellos vs Skee Lo
10.Daleduro vs Villa Diamante – Shaggy vs Rizmo
11.Villa Diamante vs Gaby Bex (Coolie Dance riddim)
12.Villa Diamante – Fergie vs Fauna
13.Villa Diamante – Alfonso el Pintor vs Ratatat
14.Villa Diamante – Tremor vs Bus
15.Villa Diamante – Mariana Baraj vs Q tip
16.Villa Diamante – Cerati/Melero vs Fabolous
17. Aldo Benitez – Giro de Volante (demo) (Diamante edit)

El Remolon (Argentina)

Originally posted on Fat Planet.

mp3: EL REMOLON cumbia bichera

mp3: EL REMOLON cumbia bichera (tremor mix)

originally from colombia, cumbia has spread far and wide over the centuries, permeating deeply throughout central and south america. contemporary strains can be heard throughout pop, hip hop and reggaeton, but it’s also now infiltrating into more experimental waters as artists weave the sound into electronica, techno and other club genres. not to be confused with the more pop-orientated ‘tecnocumbia’, this new strain of electronic cumbia is represented by a wide field of seemingly mostly argentinian artists such as axel krygier, daleduro, oro11 and el remolon.

el remolon, aka andres schteingart (also known as drole) cites his reference point as argentinian ‘shantytown cumbia’ or ‘cumbia villera’, a subgenre born in buenos aries and popularised throughout the 90s. in el remolon’s hands, it’s mutated into a new hybrid that balances traditional rhythms with electro, dub, reggaeton and minimal tech. the cumbia bichera e.p. (available to download at the peublo nuevo netlabel) features four original tracks in this vein alongside five remixes – four of the title track alone. in his work as drole, schteingart plays more heavily on a clean minimal tip – you can download his latest ep at germany’s tropic netlabel.



mp3: ENDUSER switch

mp3: ENDUSER genesis (feat. kazumi)

back in 2005, i posted a track from lynn standafer, aka ohio’s enduser. taken from his ‘bollywood breaks’ release, ‘not so distant drums’ represented – to my mind – the first genre-meld between bollywood and breakcore. such a fusion is a visceral, almost cathartic pleasure – it casts aside any nagging doubts that music has lost it’s ability to amaze and enthrall.

in october last year, enduser dropped the long player ‘pushing back’ – and whilst it still retains the key drill’n’bass elements that have come to define standafer’s output, it also plays with our preconceptions of the breakcore artist as agitated noise-nik, by weaving moments of downtempo calm and vocal melody (see ‘genesis’ above). amongst contributions from nongenetic of shadow huntaz, bong-ra, dj hidden and jared luche from chemlab, there’s also another outstanding example of his love of bollywood, with ‘switch’.

the adnoiseam site is home to much of the enduser catalouge, featuring both excerpts and full length mp3s. standafer also now resides on murdochspace, where you’ll find upcoming club nights and tour dates and info on his next album, ‘left’, released through ohm resistance.


my eyes popped last week when deize tigrona, one of the finest female funk carioca mcs, shimmied into view on the uk travel show ‘lonely planet six degrees’. the presenter travels to the city of god to meet dieze at her new home, accompanies her on a casting call for back-up dancers and then finally to a funk ball for a live performance of ‘injeceo’, complete with english subtitles. it’s a damn fine curio, if only for the 100% british commentary on the baile funk scene.



mp3: SANY PITBULL funk alemao

for the second outing in their ‘baile funk masters series’, man recordings deliver five cuts from rio dj, sany pitbull. true to their word, this on-going collection of vinyl twelves is sending the hipsters back to school and paying respect to the godfathers of the scene, the true masters of the funk ball.

like sandrinho (the first ‘master’ in the series), sany pitbull has logged many years behind the decks at bailes all over rio and beyond. in a detailed interview over at dj rideon’s excellent ‘rio baile funk’ blog, sany dates his first baile experience as far back as 1983, when the sound we know as ‘carioca funk’ had yet to drop, and parties – smaller, more community based events – were dominated by miami bass. the marriage between this american import and local brasilian sounds began in 1989 with the introduction of portugeuese vocals into the mix, and during the 90s it grew into the caricoa funk sound that now dominates the scene. sany cites ‘tamborzao’ as the dominant sound today – “baile funk with heavy, syncopated brazilian percussion” – so much so, that dropping an old miami bass bomb won’t wash with the new generation of funk lovers.

for ‘baile funk masters #2’, man recordings cite sany’s tracks as “the next level” of caricoa funk – “post baile funk”. across five instrumentals, sany proves that pushing faders is simply one of his true skills – as an accomplished percussionist, he brings an extra edge to the release; mixing up chinese drums and japanese gongs on ‘tribos’; berimbau and samba on ‘beatch from brasil’ and on ‘funk alemao’ – a tribute to the sights and sounds of his first trip to germany last year – he develops what he describes as “the most experimental, musique-concrete meets baile funk effort ever”. it’s a claim that’s right on the money, and does point the way to the inevtiable development of the original carioca sound – wherein the template is studied, learned, and then ripped up and thrown away. it’s available to download above for the next seven days – don’t sleep.

‘baile funk masters #2’ is released on april 6th – more info at stream more sany tracks over at his murdochspace.



mp3: MAZY u gat me

swedish female hip hop mcs are a rare breed, and it looks like mazy is one of the only ones carrying the torch thus far. as far back as ten years ago, mazy put together an event under the banner ‘the swedish hip hop frontline’ with the sole intention of proving to the locals that hip hop was alive and well in scandanavia. a year later, she appeared on a comp titled ‘alla talar svenska’ (‘everyone speaking swedish’), and in doing so became the first swedish female mc to have any recorded product in the stores.

in the six years following her debut ep ‘beats and therapy’ on the czech label bbarak, she has appeared on various compilations and soundtracks, had lyrics published and has also been lecturing on the art of rhymes around stockholm. last year she dropped her third original collection, ‘fire’ on NBS (Nothing But Skills) records. as if her resume wasn’t already rammed to the hilt, mazy – now based in london – has gone back to school to study animation.

in her own words: “my brain gets really bored n hungry for more knowledge now n then and i need challanges so i thought… what would be a great challange and what have i never even thought about doing before? … I can hardly draw, i’s very impatient and don’t know shit about computers and softwares and don’t even wanna know cos it takes time gettin to know and i think all animators are computer geeks who cant communicate with anything else but softwares and their computers- yeah! Lets become one!!”

pick up the fire e.p. in reckless in london, or via knaster (sweden). you can find some other mazy downloads at stockholm beat connection, including her version of jay z’s ’99 problems’. highly recommended!

official mazy site
mazy murdochspace
mazy @ nbs records



Tonight in Sydney – Tuesday 20 March – ‘Berlin Meets Paris’ as Germany’s Barbara Morgenstern goes head-to-head and cheek-to-cheek with Frenchman Fred Avril. DJ supports from Deepchild, Paris & Georgie, Non Ferrous and my good self (warming the room from 8pm). Melt: 12 Kellett St, Kings Cross. Tix $10 on the door.

mp3: BARBARA MORGENSTERN the operator


Mico (Japan)

Originally posted on Fat Planet.

DOWNLOAD: MICO phenomena of the mind

DOWNLOAD: MICO black words

‘four women no cry vol.2’ is the sequel to 2005’s original compilation of new female electronic artists, brought to us by the ever-excellent german label, monika. at the heart of this series is the search for a broader definition of ‘women in electronica’ – a search that not only seeks to expand on demographic perceptions, but simultaneously also strives to transcend geographical borders. in this selection, we travel to barcelona (for iris), berlin (monotekktoni), the u.s. via austria (dorit chrysler) and, finally, to japan for mico.

meiko shizumu was born in the shadow of mount fuji and, since relocating to london, has soundtracked manga movies and built-up an impressive back catalogue of projects – as well as collabs with coldcut, to rococo rot‘s robert lippock and monika stablemate, barbara morgenstern. her solo debut ‘phenomena of the mind’ is due to drop shortly, and you can download a near-album’s worth of pre-emptive material at boomkat recently described mico as sitting “somewhere between tujiko noriko and m.i.a.” and whilst it’s certainly more of the former and less of the latter, it’s hopefully enough to lull you into mico’s grasp.

more info on the monika comp and it’s predecesor at you can also avoid the shipping wait by grabbing the comp as a hi-bitrate mp3 download from the aforementioned boomkat.

African Underground: Depths Of Dakar (Senegal)

Originally posted on Fat Planet.


some time ago, the u.s.-based label nomadic wax dropped ‘african underground vol.1 – hip hop senegal’ – the first, and to my mind still the only compilation of senegalese hip hop to hit international soil.

in order to capture the raw essence of local african hip hop, nomadic wax founder ben herson took to the road with a mobile studio and set up shop in towns and villages around the country. the result was a record that was rarely off the fat planet stereo. herson captured something that was unequivocally unique about african MCs – a dark, deep and overtly political strand of hip hop that once again proved the point that the genre remains the voice of musical protest around the world.

fast forward two years – ben and the nomads hit senegal once again for the follow up, ‘african underground: depths of dakar’, currently available to download from (although a retail release is also due may 15). thanks to nomadic wax, we have a special fat planet preview – the track ‘niawal’ by sen kumpa can be downloaded above. you can also check the video for this clip at

the album is a companion to a fascinating online documentary series titled ‘democracy in dakar‘. when former oppostion leader abdoulaye wade came to power in 2000, many believed that the voices in the senegalese hip hop movement assisted greatly in his victory. in the absence of critical media and western blog culture, hip hop filled the vacuum – many groups specifically putting their voices behind wade’s election campaign. seven years later, those same voices come together in this documentary series to question wade’s effectiveness in the run-up to the next round of elections.

filmed over the last month in dakar, with videos posted weekly online at, the series has a crucial real-time perspective – the latest episode, posted on monday, shows the reaction to the news that wade was returned to power last week with an unexpected, and allegedly dubious, 56% share of the vote. the absence of joy on the streets of dakar is profoundly disturbing and makes for compelling viewing.

view all the clips at for more information on nomadic wax projects and artists, head to you can also read the ‘depths of dakar’ sleeve notes at african underground.



mp3: SIDE9000 dhun

mp3: KARAOKE MOUSE shanghai reggae (dj side’s alternative take)

the fat planet global dubstep tour continues, this time we park up in the czech republic. side9000 caught my attention on a dubstepforum post about the use of traditional, indigenous sounds in dubstep. heading over to side’s czech web site (part of an ‘ultimate skateboarding portal’), there’s not a great deal of explicit information available – however, it would seem that side9000 is the dubstep project of hip hop producer, dj side. ‘dhun’ is the main attraction, deep bass hammering underneath a mesmeric, rolling journey through the middle east.

elsewhere in side’s back catalogue (much of which is freely available for download), we find a 2005 album of “abstract hip hop beats” entitled ‘the renaissance’, as well as a collab with czech mc CABA entitled ‘the album’ and a track with european ITF champion, dj trafik aka dirtyking. there’s also a 2004 album ‘sideology’ which can be downloaded seemingly in its entirety via the site.

side has also just delivered a remix of karaoke mouse‘s latest release ‘shanghai reggae’ – a project featuring czech sound artists karaoke tundra and MMtm – a harder beat than the sideology takes, deploying dust and scratching over a midtempo stepper.

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mp3: BONDE DO ROLE gasolina (lgk remix)

an unreleased remix of the new bonde do role single from fellow brasilians lgk, via pitchfork. the site also notes that the album ‘bonde do role with lasers’ will be released via their new label, domino, on june 5; the excellent ‘solta o frango’ single drops march 12. the “brasil only” mad decent 7″ release which also featured the same track has sadly vanished from turntable lab and other sites – but you can pre-order the new version from boomkat.