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NRKOTB & Impostra (Brazil) – Brazilian New Wave New Rave

mp3: NEW RAVE KIDS ON THE BLOCK N-R-K-O-T-B mp3: IMPOSTRA I Can’t Handle The New Generation Having devoured enough ‘old rave’ to last a number of lifetimes, I’ve always been skeptical about the ‘new rave’ tag – although a shallow

VJ Pixie & El Remolon (Argentina) – ‘Cumbia Mash’

mp3: VJ PIXIE El Bombon En El Club mp3: EL REMOLON Modeselektor vs Calle 13 Last year, Fat Planet featured a series of Argentinean artists, many of which were developing a sound that I have referred to – on more

Champeta Trance (Colombia)

Champeta has recently lurched from Fat Planet’s peripheral vision into a near-front-and-centre position. Colombiafrica‘s album ‘Voodoo Love Inna Champeta Land’ was first out of the traps at the tail end of 2007, and this week one of our favourite blogs,

Sinden Interview at ‘Rio Baile Funk’

Timo (aka Dj Rideon) once again pulls a giant, sequin-adorned rabbit from the hat with an exclusive interview with Sinden at his Rio Baile Funk blog. Sinden talks about his journey from record-collector obsesssive to his team-up with Switch, through

Shantel (Germany) & Dunkelbunt (Austria) – Balkan Hot Step

Back in 2003, N.O.H.A. released a crucial 12″ in the development of contemporary Balkan music – crucial in that it finally gave a name to a growing movement, ‘Balkan Hot Step’. As an ardent fan of absurd sub-genre tags, I

Fat Planet voted ‘Best Blog For World Music’ by The Guardian

The Fat Planet blog was featured on Friday in the UK’s ‘Guardian‘ newspaper in Chris Salmon’s column ‘Click To Download’. You can also read the column online, reprinted below. Best for world music: Fat Planet Stuart Buchanan is a Scotsman

Sydney Festival First Night – Uber Lingua at Angel Place

This Saturday, Sydney kills it: the Sydney Festival has been getting better and more relevant each year, and in 2008 they might well have nailed it. It kicks off with a free, multi-location street party this weekend with performances from

Transglobal Underground (England) – ‘Awal’

If there’s one thing that defines Transglobal Underground it’s their persistence. For a band whose public visibility is largely defined by their 1991 debut ‘Temple Head’, they have continued to mine a rich seam of east-westericism for the past seventeen

MC Gringo (Germany) – ‘Alemao’

Like any geo-located movement, usurpers from outside of town are often mocked, scoffed or stoned for blasphemy. Music has a long history of turning on such infedels, most notably the ping-pong, to / fro battle between so-called black and white

Fat Planet – Albums Of 2007

december is the blogosphere’s favourite month in the calendar, as it rolls itself out as a welcome mat for the never ending parade of year-end lists. on the fat planet radio show on wednesday 19th december (9pm australian est on

Bjork (Iceland) – ‘Declare Independence’

Gondry strikes again. Single with mxs from Matthew Herbert & Ghostdigital due January 1.

Charlie McMahon & Tjupurru (Australia) – On The ‘Didjeribone’

It’s hard to cite many examples where the didjeridu has crossed both Australian and ‘traditionalist’ borders and boomed out into the diaspora of contemporary music. Back in 1992, Richard James produced a memorable riff on the didj’s capabilities with the

Pirate Pixie (Argentina) – El Mash Piola

ZSHARE: VARIOUS ARTISTS El Mash Piola Vol.2 The nevuo-cumbia juggernaut rolls on with this next entry in the bastard pop / cumbia mash genre, titled ‘Mash Piola 2’ – a new mixtape compiled by Pirate Pixie. Taking source material from

Fat Planet at Uber Lingua Melbourne

This Thursday (22nd Nov) I’ll be in Melbourne, DJ-ing at Uber Lingua @ Jeromes (Caledonia Lane) – playing alongside bP, sakamoiz, Dubwise and Gonzo. bP and sakamoiz are part of the hardcore Uber massive and consistently play an eclectic top-shelf

Jahcoozi (Germany) – Hi-Tech (Rustie’s Silver Shadow Remix)

MP3: JAHCOOZI feat M.SAYYID Hi-Tech (Rustie’s Silver Shadow Remix) Following last month’s feature on Jahcoozi‘s latest release, ‘Blitz ‘n’ Ass’, here’s an exclusive official remix from the German / Sri Lankan / Israeli trio that will “remain unreleased” via any

Uber Lingua at Dust Tones

This Friday, 16th November, myself and Mashy P will be representing the Uber Lingua contingent at the next instalment of Sydney’s monthly Dust Tones parties. Also in attendance: Kobra Kai (official single launch), Wild Marmalade, Percussion Junction, Bentley and James

Interview: Plastique De Reve (Germany)

Originally published on Fat Planet. Spare a thought for poor Gen-Xers like me – the generation Wikipedia describes as “apathetic, cynical, disaffected, streetwise loners and slackers”. A disgraceful slur – I’m sure most X-ers would agree, and one that would

Modeselektor (Germany) – ‘Black Block’

FBi is putting together an end-of-year magazine, and they asked me to name my top five albums of 2007. As ever, it’s a tough call, but without doubt Modeselektor‘s ‘Happy Birthday’ grabs pole position. Here’s a new clip for the

Heaps Decent Fundraiser

This Friday (9th November), Heaps Decent are throwing a Sydney fundraiser for their ongoing workshop projects, seeking out and promoting new music from young indigenous and underprivileged artists. Their debut release ‘Smash A Kangaroo’ is soon to be followed by

Albertslund Terror Korps (Denmark) – ‘Hustla Hele Dagen’

I’d love to tell you some fine tales about the lifes and loves of Albertslund Terror Korps, but for once I’ve been out-googled, and have come up essentially empty handed on this Danish collective. Based on some of the video

Badawi (Israel) – ‘Knife The Etherics (feat. Filastine)’

Israeli Raz Mesinai has been a major player in the outernational music scene since the early 90s – blending traditional Middle Eastern influences with dub, bass-heavy electronica and distorted beats. From his early experiments under the influential Sub Dub project,