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Fat Planet – Rewind

Fat Planet is coming to the end of its journey (for now…). Here’s the story: In August 2003, I started broadcasting the Fat Planet show on the (then) newly-birthed FBi Radio in Sydney.  FBi was set up to take a unique view of Australian music, to reposition

Lykke Li (Sweden) – ‘Little Bit’

Video: Lykke Li ‘Little Bit‘  I’m certainly not the first to write about Lykke Li and I’m sure I won’t be the last. And while there’s a tendency for blogs to swarm around hyped artists in an effort to stay

Tetine (Brazil) – ‘Entertainment N249’

After wearing out the shine on my copy of their ‘Lick My Favela’ CD, it’s good to have Tetine back with a new release. The Brazilian duo are dropping a full length for choice UK label Soul Jazz Records on

Telepathique (Brazil) – ‘Eu Gusto’

Back in 2003, before funk carioca made a large noise outside of Brazil, record store exposure to new brazilian music tended to be limited towards remixes of old school bossa or frenetic drum’n’bass workouts on a DJ Marky tip. One

The Diaphanoids (Italy) – ‘What The F**k Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?’

The Diaphanoids are Italians Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari and their latest EP – ‘Mermaids Of Lunaris’ is released through Bear Entertainment (Lindstrom, Idjut Boys, Chicken Lips). Everything else there is to know about the Diaphanoids is seemingly culled from

Bassline: Not Just An England Thing?

The job of the Fat Planet blog is to expose music from outside of the Anglo / American axis, and whilst that’s served us well over the years, it does mean that we intentionally turn a blind eye to sounds,

God’s Own Country (Nigeria) – Movie Trailer

We’ve read many comments on both Radiohead and Trent Reznor’s attempts to subvert the music industry distribution paradigm , and there’s no doubt that their actions (and those of countless others) have got the major labels scratching their heads in

Morganics (Australia) – ‘Hip Hop Is My Passport’

If the name ‘Morganics‘ feels oddly familiar to you, yet you can’t quite put your finger on it, hit ‘Mango Pickle Down River’ on M.I.A.‘s ‘Kala’. A few seconds into the track and you’ll hear the Australian producer and MC

Maga Bo & Xuman (Senegal) – ‘Fire’

Maga Bo‘s exploration of underground global sounds continues with the forthcoming release ‘Archipelagoes’ on dj/Rupture’s Soot Records. As a taster, Bo presented this clip on his Kolleidosonic blog – ‘Fire’ featuring Senegalese MC Xuman. Originally tucked in at the end

Birk Storm (Denmark) – ‘I Don’t Care’

Birk Storm is by his own admission both “new name” and “new music”, but his clarion call is one that we can all relate to: “electro/funk as it allways was ment to be” (sic). While not curating funk for the

Ghislain Poirier (Canada) – ‘Bounce Le Remix Vol.3’

Mr Poirier returns, fresh from the release of the excellent ‘No Ground Under’ album (Ninja Tune) with the third in his series of self-released remixes, blends, mash-ups and re-rubs. There’s no doubting the fact that Ghis is one of the

Villa Diamante (Argentina) – ‘ZZK Mixtape Vol.1’

Another month, another mixtape from our most posted (and requested) Argentinean producer, Villa Diamante. This is the first mixtape release for ZZK Records (the label cousin of the Zizek club in Buenos Aires) and features some of Villa’s previously posted

M.I.A. (Sri Lanka) – ‘Bird Flu (The Source)’

New post on M.I.A.’s YouTube channel – original recording of the Bird Flu chants: Via Asian Network Music.

Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal) – ‘The Sound Of Kuduro’

After an initital burst of excitement, it’s been a quiet year for Kuduro in terms of its exposure outside of Angola (Guillaume at Masala eloquently drew this into context last October). Of course, I’m sure that there remains a ferocious

Mochipet (Taiwan) – ‘Get Your Whistle Wet’

Taiwan’s David Wang (last featured on Fat Planet back in 2006) has steadily and quietly amassed a bewildering repertoire of breakcore, glitch and semi-spontaneous noise under the Mochipet alias; the calibre of which has attracted a long queue of collabs

DJ Amazing Clay (Brazil) – ‘Montagem Pela Ultima Vez’

If you’ve been following the Man Recordings story recently, you’ll be well aware of German baile funk MC Gringo and his recent release ‘Gringao’. The album was produced to a large degree by one of Rio’s longest standing funk DJs,

Nova (Indonesia) + Potato Master (Japan) – Uber System Remixed!

This Saturday, Uber Lingua returns to Sydney with Uber System Remixed: six live acts, seven DJs, an all-night “post-world” dancehall party. Representing live will be Rauberhole (Germany), Nova (Indonesia), Pochoman (Cuba), Potato Master (Japan), Gypsy Dub Sound System (Australia) and

Zizek (Argentina) – ‘Paris Of The South’ Goes North

Having posted many times over the last year on the current movements in the Argentinean music scene, I’d be entirely remiss if I didn’t give our North American readers a heads-up on the imminent Zizek tour. The Buenos Aires party

Fat Planet – ‘Best World Music’ on News.com.au

The dust hasn’t even settled on the recent decision by The Guardian to anoint Fat Planet as ‘Best Blog for World Music’, and here we are again. Today, news.com.au added their own voice, in an article titled ‘Free music downloads

Ólöf Arnalds (Iceland) – ‘Í Nýju Húsi’

On last night’s Fat Planet radio show, we had guest selector Stuart Rogers in the studio. Since 2005, Stuart has been producing audio and video podcasts for the Iceland Airwaves festival and has become – in his own words –

Telmary (Cuba) – ‘Ves (feat. Kumar)’

At the start of January, i kicked off a new segment on the radio show: The 2008 Fat Planet World Tour. The concept behind this somewhat absurd and ambitious project is to travel around the world in 50 weeks, focussing